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Starting a Diet


I’ve been on TRT + HCG for just over two months now. Here are some stat changes:

TT - 340 now 1040
FT - 11 now 29
E2 - 9 now 16
Skeletal muscle - 79 lb now 85 (5x5 workout every 3 days)
Body fat 26% now 26% (no change in waist size, which is 33 in)
Weight now 200lb

Completely happy with the mental and physical changes thus far, but I want to start a diet now to get to about 18% body fat. The HCG seems to have the effect that I don’t really mind not eating much at all, so I’m interested in a crash-ish diet, and I’m wondering if there are any optimal strategies for that. I really hate the idea of counting calories, but don’t mind skipping meals. If I normally eat 3 meals and just started eating 1 + a few eggs for breakfast and a multivitamin would that be too drastic? Anyone tried something like this, have advice?


Eating eggs for breakfast drastic? Huh?!

Have you ever tried reading some of the hundreds of nutrition articles on here?


I think he saying, if he goes from 3 meals to 1 meal, plus a few eggs in the morning. In other words, starving himself.

OP, no that will not work.

What does a typical day of eating look like? Include everything you consume and amounts.


Well, typically I eat 3 meals, all of them pretty large, and drink 1 or two beers, I don’t drink anything else with calories, and mostly avoid snacking. Obviously I’m eating a little more than I need, since I’m putting on weight, even if I’m not unhappy with the composition of that weight. So if I cut out the beer and only had a small breakfast, I’d probably just stay the same weight… is what I figured. Any diet is technically starving yourself, I thought it was somehow much better to get 1300 calories than it is to get 800, but I don’t know if it’s supposed to be any better to get 1700 instead of 1300 … and only having a few hundred calories of wiggle room sounds stressful to me.

I went and checked a calculator, it says I should burn about 3200 calories a day, and since I put on about 18000 calories over the last 60 days, I must be taking in about 300 extra calories a day. So 300 less calories from beer and 200 from having a smaller breakfast would amount to losing 2 pounds a month, which is not exactly thrilling. Especially if I have a snack at some point. Surely I can afford to cut more than that…


I really think you need to just read and apply basic nutrition information judging from this post.

And no, not every diet is a starvation diet.