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Starting a cycle of mag-10 and want the best effects

I am starting my 2 week MAg 10 cycle tomorrow and after reading the threads I have determined that people think it is pretty important to frontload on the first day with 2 servings. If I only have one bottle and it has 14 servings would it be better to do two on day 1 and only be on for 13 days, or just go with one serving for the 14 days. Thanks for any replies that come in before it’s too late.
:slight_smile: Groove

Anything I have read about Mag 10 says to double dose on the first day for sure. I think you have to go with that.

I have used mag 10 twice, the first time I used it I gained about 6 lbs and some strength using 1 dose in the morning when I woke. The second time I used it, I took a dose in the morning on an empty stomach, and once about an hour before bed. This time I gained about 10 lbs and my strength went way up. I would suggest getting another bottle and doubling the dosage, as it was much more effective. Also I would get some Tribex and M to help with your own T production. This should also help you keep your gains.

Groove, go with the front load, 2 doses on the first day. There is more than enough for 2 weeks. I believe most guys have told me they end up with about a serving or 2 left over.

No offense, groove, and definitely correct me if I’m wrong… but didn’t you just start training a month or two ago? Don’t you think you might want to wait a little while before taking Mag10?

I’ve been on Mag-10 four times. Each time I ended up with at least one or two extra dose. This is counting the two servings on first day. Might just be measuring problem.

Well, actually when I stated I had just started training about a month ago(which was about 2.5 to 3 months ago now) I was referring to T-mag style of training. I had been training off and on previously for a couple of years and took about a year off because of a job I had. So in essence it was like I was starting over. Having trained seriously for four months straight and having completed the fat fast, I was fairly lean and I wanted to start bulking to grow some muscle. From what I have heard about this supplement it is the best way to do so legally(or illegally in my case in Canada:) Because I had trained off and on but for a year consecutively before taking the year off I figure I have already lost the opportunity to acheive any newbie gains. I do know a lot about training and nutrition and my nutrition is dead on right now(massive eating) thanks to T-mag so I don’t see any harm in taking Mag-10. I am also not under eighteen or a female so it should be fine. Thanks for the concern though,
:slight_smile: Groove

Groove -

Definitely go with the frontload. What kind of training are you going to do?

For my successful MAG-10 cycles, I've really kicked up the frequency of sessions as my method of increasing the volume.

If I were to do another MAG-10 cycle soon, I would actually front-load and then take 1.5 doses over about 9-10 and hit a workout on all but one of those days. Of course, I'll tell you more, but you've got to check your yahoo mail and make that trade I suggested in our fantasy basketball league :-)

Ok, I'm just kidding. Plan well and take serious advantage of MAG-10 while you are on.

I am following the growth surge plan. I am working out 2X per day monday tuesday and wednesday, thursday is completley off, working 2X per day friday and Saturday and then sunday completley off, then repeat the next week. I am only on my second day(and I did frontload) and I haven’t noticed anything yet(strength size) when did you notice the increases start to kick in??
Hmmmmmm what trade might this be??? I’ll check later today and possibly I will trade, seeing as how I haven’t been following it at all. Once the raptors started losing every game because they suck I stopped paying attention. Damn Raptors!!!
:slight_smile: Groove

Groove - the GSP is a good plan to follow while on MAG-10. I noticed about just less than a lb of body weight gained per day almost immediately. But the key for me was to eat enough. I wasn’t until I got my cals at least 1000+ maintenance that the real growth started to kick in.

Your double day plan sounds great and you should see very good results in terms of LBM gain. Strength will come later and I would suggest doing a heavy training program with lighter total volume after these two weeks. Something akin to Joel's Ripped Rugged and Dense article.