Starting a Cycle of Dianabol and Need Some Answers

I am ordering some Dbol and I am getting my ducks in a row. I am 215 right now and not real cut just muscular. I am 5’7". My body fat is 15%. I am getting Dbol 10mg, Aromex(AI) 25mg, Maxi-Fen-20 (Nolvadex) 20mg, Liv-52, and looking at FertiGyn (HCG 5000IU), and Provibol (Proviron) 25mg.
I want to get the most out of this. I have been doing alot of digging and studying I just want some input on the best way to cycle this. Am i going over board on the PCT side thinking of the HCG and Proviron. Would the Aromex (Aromasin) and Nolvadex be fine? Aromex on cycle and Nolva off? And how much of the Liv-52 should I take daily and when? I think both on and off is when I should be taking it.

dbol only cycle? You need test my man, dbol only cycle is not recommended

Yeah I was going to get some test and then just decicded to try dbol only.

I am going to get some test enan 250mg 10ml and just go that route with the dbol for 4 weeks. I will have to reup on the test if I go up to 500mg week What do you suggest about the anti estrogen I am going to take alongside and will Nolvadex be fine for the pct? I may get the HCG and Proviron later.

Save the dbol for later. Just run a test only course to see how your body reacts. Seems like you’ve never cycled before, so, not to be a dick, but I suggest you do some more homework - a lot can go wrong and you’re going to go through some pretty crazy changes mentally and physically. I was very prepared and continue to still run into issues. Just run like 350 mg test for 10 weeks + pct then take time off to recover and add the dbol for next time. Start with one compound then when you’re comfortable and can properly regulate your estrogen (which can be really tricky), then if you want, you can add another compound for next cycle. Can’t comment on the hcg or the proviron. Your AI dosage will depend on your cycle and is dependent from person to person so you need to figure out a smart first cycle first. Just search first cycle in search bar - there’s all the info you need!

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Ok great. I was just thinking that maybe I could just get the test if it would be a good thing to do. So that is what I am going to do. Should I take the AI along with the test? And do I just run the Nolva at the end? And I wouldnt need the Liv-52 would I? Thanks a lot.

I think you should have nolva on hand and be prepared to use it but only if side begin to show up. You dont really need liver protection with injectibles but its never a bad idea to protect your liver. Just use NAC and milk thistle.

Ok. And when I am talking about the AI i mean the Aromex (Aromasin). SHould I take that along side the test? Thanks a lot for your insight too

I’ve posted this thread several times. Hopefully I haven’t posted it to you before but @physioLojik is our resident Endo/bodybuilder/steroid guru. Read his thread before you make a decision to use an AI vs a SERM.