Starting a Business

I’m wondering if anyone has started a new business before? I have started everything up but am wondering about the advertisment side of it. This is a very small business. T-shirts, gold ball markers and pendantents. What is the best way to advertise?

The business is



Looks like you have a spelling mistake on this page

The arrow says, " I’m use to it"
instead of “used to it”

|/ 3Toes

1.i would go to all of your local churches and tell them all about your buisness
2. an agressive st anus tv advertising campaign
3. a direct mail campaign targeting small children
4. watch the money roll in

Who is going to buy this garbage???

We put used so it is kinda like used and abused.

Hopefully there are some people with the same sense of humor as I.

Google pay per click might be effective.

[quote]hedo wrote:
Google pay per click might be effective.[/quote]

will try


The spelling mistake you were called on wasn’t the used part of it. It was in your first post of the feed gold ball markers. I think you meant to type golf ball markers but I could be wrong. As you know it happens often : )

You are correct. I misunderstood that. It is golf ball markers not gold ball markers.

Thanks for the tip. We did this and it helps.


Thanks for your tips. We have tried some of them, minus the going to local churches :slight_smile: and have made some sales.

When we make our first million I promise not to share! :slight_smile:

[quote]hedo wrote:
Google pay per click might be effective.[/quote]

Get ready, it’s super expensive!

hedo wrote:
Google pay per click might be effective.

Get ready, it’s super expensive! [/quote]

That can be true. Make sure you have conversion tracking of some sort in place before you launch your campaign, and monitor things closely. I would start with Yahoo Search Marketing, myself. The click prices are generally lower, and it is a simpler system. I have extensive experience with this, if you have questions you can PM me.

Just sign up through Yahoo to do this?