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Starting a Bulking Routine - Need Advice


Ok, well not so long ago I was posting asking for advice on my cutting routine but I have began to realise that on a cut I will never achive my goal of gaining muscle mass. So here I am again but this time asking for advice on my buling routine.

Age: 17
height: 5.10"
Weight: 163lb

And as you have read my goal is to gain muscle and as of the moment I am doing a 3 day week FB workout consisting of 5 compound exercises and 2 single joint exercises which I will be alternating every 2 weeks + 1.5mile to the gym (so 3 days a week).

Well to start you would never think it would be so hard to eat excess calories well cleanly anyway. My calories revolves around the formula I read in an article (body weight x 16 + 20% (-300/400 cals on non-lifting days)).

Calorie target on workout days: 3130
Calorie target on non-workout days: 2650

Breakfast - 1 Slice of bread, 3 eggs, 150g natural yogurt, banana
481 cals 29.6 protein 16.2 fat 50.2 carbs

Mid morning - Protein shake, nesquick (10g mixed in)
155 cals 24 protein 2.6 fat 9.8 carbs

Lunch - 125g of chicken with some salad
340 cals 32 protein 18.8 fat 11.6 carbs (not inc. salad)

Mid-afternoon - 50g Cashew nuts, Apple
378 cals 10.8 protein 23.6 fat 32.6 Carbs

Before Dinner/Afterworkout - Protein shake, nesquick (10g mixed in)
155 cals 24 protein 2.6 fat 9.8 carbs

Dinner - Changes every day. Always tends to be just meat and veg, no carbs.

Before bed - Cottage cheese(100g), 200ml milk, 15g peanutbutter
277cals 22 protein 13.5 fat 15.7 carbs

So total (baring in mind not inc. dinner)
1658 cals 141 protein 66 fat 120.6 carbs
So say dinner is between 500 - 700 cals im still only reaching 2400 cals, at least 250 short.
And I need opinions on the other numbers not really sure what I should be aiming for with them.

Pre-workout ideas, was thinking cup of coffee, banana and maybe a energy drink which would also help to boost cals on workout days. Not sure on the general opinion on energy drinks on this forum tho.

So im guessing my suggestions are gonna be more carbs before 4pm.

-- Questions --
Opinions on Heinz baked beans when bulking, they seem to have good number of carbs/protein.

I have read in many articles that it is believed the body can only consume about 30g of protein in one sitting, so when bulking why do some people believe in having 50g in one sitting? Surely this is just wasted?



Different needs for different people. Some people use it, some take hcl and enzymes to handle more. It isn't what you eat, it is what you digest.

When I add weight, I usually go for a 34/33/33 percent on protein/carb/fat calories.

Before dinner, your ratio is 34/29/37. You say dinner is meat and vegs, no carbs. Veggies have carbs, though I doubt you are eating enough to tip the scale.

I would add carbs post workout and for dinner on workout days. And I would add some real food mid morning, like 4 oz chicken.

Add at least 1/2 gallon of milk per day.

Nesquick? Do you like the little bunny rabbit? Time to grow up and put the sugar away.


Add a burger or two and 0.5-1 gallon of milk and ur done.


NO that is bullshit ,eat as much protein in one sitting as u want.EAT .You're eating less then me on a cutting diet.EAT.Do not overanalyze shit.EAT.1600clas?WTF?My little parrot used to eat that much.EAT!


Am I missing something? You're eating less on lifting days and more and off days?


That was a mistake and I noticed it after I re-read through the post and thought I changed it but obviously not.

Its cheaper to mix them separately rather than pay extra for pre-mixed flavoured shake. Without any flavour they taste like shit. Should I be trying to completely avoid any concentrated sugars in my diet?

Thanks for the ratio will try re-arrange my diet to match that better. And yeh I was thinking I need some more real food in the morning.

Thanks for advice


What are everyones thoughts on baked beans when bulking? Yay or nay?

And about an hour after my workout how many carbs should my post workout meal contain ? Was thinking, something along the lines of 125g of chicken + 150g baked potato which i believe would be about 428 cals 37.1 protein 7.8 fat 50.05 carbs. Is that too many carbs or too little?


Baked beans make me want to throw up a little in my mouth. but if you like them go for it.

I've read and seen that a good ratio for post workout shakes is 2:1. (double the carbs per total amt of protein)

Even Surge (the post workout god of protein shakes on T-Nation) runs 25 pro/46 carbs.

One last thing... dude, get your protein up. anywhere on this site you'll see that the minimum per lb is a gram. CT usually recommends 1.5g - 2.0g x lb. Poliquin is a maniac and prob recommends 5g x lb with carbs coming from nibbling on a rotten apricot. Use the search function... there are millions (take that literally)... there are MILLIONS of nutrition articles on this site for mass gains & cutting.


this is my bulking food checklist:

is this edible? yes / no
is this complete garbage? yes / no

answer key:
yes, no - eat
yes, yes - eat sparingly
no, yes & no, no - do not eat

feel free to use this system yourself.


Thanks for the replies/advice...

have not been able to post for a while, been busy, sorting stuff out, holiday ect...

Workout/diet going well, seeing much better newbie gains now I am eating a lot more. Looking for some help on my pre-workout meal. I know I need a lot of carbs and an energy boost so far I have come up with maybe 40g of oats, mixed with water or milk ? 2 jaffa cakes and 200ml of orange juice.

Which totals up to 330cals, 7g pro, 6g fat, 61g carb. If the oats are mixed with water, dont know if mixing them with milk will be to heavy.

Which leads on to when should I be having each thing. Because I run to the gym I need to have the oats at least 20 - 30 mins before otherwise im runnin on a full stomach where as I could proberly scoff the jaffa cakes / juice shortly before hand.

Thanks again.


Bump. Anyone ?


Water works just fine. Milk would just add a few more calories, but wouldn't really make a difference in your run to the gym unless milk reacts poorly with you on its own.


Firstly you are clearly putting a lot of effort and planning into your diet which is great and shows your commitment, however you are getting close to over thinking these things.

You are young and growing, you can relax about carbs and pre-workout nutrition. Just lift with real intensity and the same commitment you are showing here and eat big and let yourself recover. Don't be afraid to get heavier, if you are gaining more fat than you are happy with add in some intelligent cardio like complexes or sprints.

I'm also fairly new to proper intense tbt and one simple thing I do to keep my energy levels up is eat a small cereal bar mid workout. After my first two or three lifts when I feel my energy levels dropping I go sit on a bike for five minutes and whilst letting my heart rate drop below 160, I drink some water and eat a strawberry nutrigrain bar. Kinda simple and cheap but they sit really well in my stomach and the 25g of carbs and suger give me that little boost for the last two exercises.

Hows the progress?


easy calories:
Use peanut butter, cottage cheese, oats, and/or nuts with your shakes.
The protein question: Kai Green is a monster and eats anywhere from say 600-1000 grams of protein a day. Moral of the story: eat tons of protein...better more than less


May have to try the ceral bar advice. After my first two or three compound exercises I really start to feel the fatigue setting in.

On a progress note I had a week holiday pretty much 2 weeks into training, but I am now on my 4th week of the program. As far as the progress goes (5 rep exercises) my bench (although on a smith machine) is up to 60kg, deadlift 60kg, squat 50kg I know nothing major but a major improvement for me.

I find my problem is that from the reading up on here and knowing how important form is I'm almost scared of increasing my dead/squat to much incase of injury. Although I think my form for these exercises is alright I know its far from perfect. Straight away after my deadlift my back feels like its aching, on for a short time normally till the end of my workout. Should this be expected or is this down to my form?


Any replies to previous post + on another note. Is it ok to add the 30g of protein powder to say 40g of oats + 200ml of milk and then microwave for 2.30 mins ? Or should I add the powder after I heat the oats and milk ?