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Starting 5/3/1 to Jump Start my Lifts Again


I am a 26yo US Army CPT and I have recently made up my mind to stop fucking around and get back to the shape that I came back from Iraq in. I am a former D-1 football player and I have lost sight of what I was doing and my work in the gym just wasnt producing any progress, so I stopped going and just did the regular PT that we do here with the PVTs and let that be.

I cannot deal with mediocrity in the gym any more. I work from 0530-1830(6:30) daily and my boss really grinds on my motivation to lift heavy because he can't do it anymore. He is a toxic and insecure person who doesnt help motivate you to reach your goals.

My last hard effort was while I was deployed. I got fat as a Platoon Leader and let myself go back up to 300lbs. It took a great boss and my chief mentor to get me back in the gym and motivated to better myself. I went from 300lbs down to 235 at the end of the deployment and was almost as strong as I was when i was playing football and in great cardio shape. Here are the numbers I put up before I came home:

Bench: 365
Squat: 420
Deadlift: 565

When I got back, I just couldnt push like I could over seas and lost alot of my strength and got fat again. Now I sit at 6'3, and 265lbs. My strength is still decent, but not where it should be and I have too much fat for my liking. My goals are to bench over 400, Squat over 450, and DL 600.

I know I am probably going to get a few bad comments here, but I want them so that I can learn how to become a better lifter and get in better shape. My buddy sent me Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program and I am starting that today. Pics will come tonight or tomorrow. Here we go!!!!


Today’s workout:

Standing military press: TNG Max 215 135X5 165X5 185X7
DB Rows: 100lbs 5X10
Weighted Dips: 45lbs 5X10
BB Shrugs: 315X12 315X12 365X12

Ab work with the TRX immediately following and ran 2 miles at 6.0mph, cut it short due to time, had to get to work.

Felt pretty good today, have to get my shoulders back in line for the overhead presses and dips. 2 surgeries a few years ago, still bother them.


Today, I felt pretty decent. Have not deadlifted in about 5 months, so I stayed light to get my form back.

DL TNG Max 450 290X5 340X5 385X5
Walking lunges with 135lb BB on my back 3X6steps each leg
Hanging leg raises 3x10
Back EXT 3x15

ran 2 miles in 20min on the treadmill