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Starting 5/3/1 for the First Time (3 Day Full Body)

Jim -

What do you think of this setup?

Day 1
Power Snatch 5x2
Back Squat 531
Bench Press 531
Barbell Row 5x10
Dips 75+ Reps (BW)

Day 2
Power Clean 4x3
Deadlift 531
Chin Ups 75+ Reps (BW)
Chest Supported Rows 3x10
Good Morning 3x12

Day 3
Hang Clean 3x3
Front Squat 531
Overhead Press 531
DB Rows 4x10
DB Press 4x8

It seems to me like rows, dips, chinups, ab work will be most beneficial to me for assistance work. I didn’t want to overdo the pressing so that’s why Day 2 is more of “pulling” day.

Do you think this setup for 531 would work or should I lessen the amount of assistance exercises? I feel like my posterior is getting hit pretty hard but should I maybe remove something and add in some RDLs or GHRs?

Please advise, thank you!

God, if only Jim had written 3 day full body templates, that would fill such a void.


I would not do this program. However, you are the best one to write your own program so if you’ve had success before, so be it. Do what you need to do.

There are numerous Full Body Programs on this forum, in the book and on my forum that kick a lot of ass. Remember that you are doing a lot of movements in a week, trying to be everything; I’m counting 8 “big” movements in your program. If you want to do that, you are going to have to train more often (6-7 days/week).

I did full body template (you do have the book, right?) with no modifications.

There was NOTHING wrong with it and it was balanced. You do not need anything except to follow a template.

You will grow, you will progress and you will be balanced. If everything else is in line, etc

Thanks for the reply Jim and everyone else.

I have read the book 3x through and enjoy the principles that make 531 the great program that it is. After digging through the forums, reading the FB part of the book again and taking into account your insight, I think I’ve found a better solution for my 3 day. I want to transition more into an Oly lifting program and I think this will do it.

-Back Squat 531
-Bench Press 531
-Rows (Any kind) 50-100 reps

-Clean & Jerk
-Clean Deadlift 531
-Overhead Press 531
-Chin Ups/Pull Ups 50-100 reps

-Snatch (work up to max single)
-C&J (work up to max single)
-Front Squat 531
*If time curls for the girls

Conditioning 2x a week (basketball or hill sprints)

I think this is much more manageable.