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Starting 40 Day Program

I am starting the 40 Day program by Dan John from today. Due to wrist injury I am limited to the number of exercises that I can do. The exercises that I am gonna do are:

  1. Deadlift.
  2. Chin-Ups
  3. Push Ups (I cannot do regular push ups as they hurt so I do Fist Push Ups)
    Since all pushing movements like bench press, overhead press etc hurt so I do not do them.
    Instead I do trap raises, calf raises and some other supplementary exercises.

Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 134 lbs

I want to get my weight up as much as possible in these 40 days. I will post the workout as soon as I do it.

Should be a fun log war, I’ll be stopping in. Have you got your diet in place, this is going to be the biggest determinant of if your weight increases over these days or not. You should post your daily meals and weight to make damn sure your eating enough. Whats up with the wrist, Chronic injury?

Thanks for stopping by Ad B.
My wrist injury is not chronic, but I have injured my wrist for about 1.5 months now.
Before this injury my wrist has been injured 3 times (2 times right and 1 time left). This is the second wrist injury which I got from playing soccer.

Today I did my 1st workout at home.
Earlier today I had a friend come over my house and he said let us squat a weight and see who completes the most number. He did 19 for 66 pounds. I did 25 just to beat him as I could have done 35+. So that made my legs some soreness.

Workout 1#
Chin Ups= 5,5 (next workout I add weight to it).
Deadlift= 5,5 125 pounds. ( I could have added 10 pounds on it easily but since it is the first workout I did not).
Fist Push Ups= 5,5 12 pounds additional weight.
DB Trap Raises= 15, 16 22 pounds DB’s
Hammer Curls= (8,8) (7,7) 22 pounds DB’s.

Tomorrow is the next workout. I will replace Hammer Curls with other exercise.

I think mu last post did not get submitted. OK quickly,

Workout 1#

Chin Ups 5,5
Deadlift 5,5 125 pounds
Fist Push Ups 5,5 12 pounds additional weight
DB Trap Raises 15, 16 22 pounds DB’s
Hammer Curls 15, 16 22 pounds DB’s