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Starting 4 week Winstrol/Anadrol Cycle

I’ve heard good thing about 4 week Winstrol(50mg)/Anadrol (100mg) cycles. What would be a good adex dosage during this cycle? I was also planning on doing 4 weeks of pct with nolva after the cycle. Should I be using any hcg during the cycle?

I don’t know what anybody elses thoughts are in reguards to Adex while on this cycle as neither drug aromatizes.

I know Brook ran Letro with his test/eq/adrol/winny cycle with good results. Some say that letrozole (femara) has anti-prog. properties with its harsh anti-estrogen properties. The reason for taking winny with Adrol is that winny is said to keep the progesterone based sides at bay. Drol, in theory, is supposed to cause gyno by it’s progesterone side or aggravatine the E receptor as I recall reading. Drol is a DHT derivative so it does not aromatize to Estrogen.

I do not know for sure and I’m sure somebody will correct me if I’m wrong but a SERM might be better ran throughout the cycle if you are that worried about gyno. Toremefine seems to be the wisest choice by research. Nolva at 10-20mg ED might work as well but some say it will hinder your gains.

The shorty cycles, to my understanding, require little in the amount of estro, etc protection while ‘on’ cycle because they are such short cycles and gyno doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

I could be wrong tho.