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Starting 3rd Week- Something's Not Right


On Oct 16th I was prescribed my first TRT cycle. At that time I had not really researched testosterone replacement but I knew I was low and the only numbers he shared w me was that I was at a 147. He informed me that I should be at least 600 if not 750 (35yr old 6' 215 lbs). He gave me a shot of 200mg test cyp on the spot. I immediately felt like a million bucks. So much energy my head was lifted and I just felt amazing. Literally only 5 to 10 min after the shot....

So he ended up putting me on the following cycle which, after reading the stickies , is a hell of a lot of test cyp....400mg test cyp split up in 2 shots a week of 200mg. Then 1000iu HCG (fortified in B12) per week split up in 2 weekly shots of 500iu. And then 2mg arimidex split up into 2 doses a week of 1mg.

The first week I had not gotten my HCG yet so I had only taken 400mg of test (plus the 200mg the DR injected for a total of 600mg for the week ) and then 2mg arimidex. I felt 19 again , banged the wife multiple times and kept up w my sons. Week 2 I started my HCG shots . I get an immediate rush after injection probably from the b12 that it is mixed with. Towards the end of this week I have been feeling lazy and moody. I can get up very easily but morning woods are not there like week 1.

This Saturday I start week 3.....I'm assuming I'm feeling this way due to e2. Should I stop the arimidex for a while or should I increase the dose? Hard to tell if my e2 is high or low since this is my first go around. I might go get blood work next week to tell for sure but from my above description of what I'm taking what would someone w experience suggest is the issue? Too high of e2 or too low?

Or something entirely different? I am taking vitamins eating healthy and lifting weights 3 times a week. I appreciate any input. Thanks!


Something's not right?!


Didn't think of that one. Thanks for the insight.


I'm sorry about that. It's just glaringly obvious that you've been taking too much testosterone.


I want too much testosterone. I found the issue. I must have been high on e2 because I took 1mg of arimidex yesterday and feel great today.


This protocol is not sustainable. A protocol like this is setting you up for serious negative long term health issues.

Is your doctor planning to keep you on these doses forever?


No, in 6 months he's going to re-evaluate my blood and most likely suggest dropping down to 200mg a week but still give me enough script for if I want to go 400mg. He's a cool ass Dr. Going to ask for some anavar to try along w the test cyp. I'll eventually go down to a reasonable dose but I heard your first cycle is the best and to go heavy on your first so I'm going a bit heavier than standard trt. Keep in mind I'm looking for some nice gains as well as treating my low T.


You're not on TRT.


You are outside of what we can help you with, your doctor and your attitude.


In my humble opinion. You will be posting pics of your new c cups and male pattern baldness before this is over.


400 mg of test per week for 6 months?? My first cycle was 350 test a week, which I thought was alot - and I stopped at 12 weeks. Your doc is "cool", sure. But he's not only put you on a bona-fide bodybuilding cycle, but he's put you in one that usually calls for stopping after 12 weeks and going on PCT. I don't think he knows what the f- he's doing.


this whole thread is crazy.

felt like a million bucks 10 minutes after a 200mg shot.

must've been some really good stuff as every else takes weeks to start feeling anything! my first shot was 200mg as well, and can say for a fact, what I felt at that time was PLACEBO.

I wish I had some super fancy supplements I could sell you.


"Dr. Himself Dmass" - no Dr. would risk his license like that.