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Starting 3rd Week of First Cycle, Should I Feel Anything Yet?

So I have started my first test e cycle. Injecting every 5 days, 500mg a week.

I did my fourth injection today, the main thing I’m wondering is should I of felt anything yet? I feel I may have an increased libido and my balls feel tight but apart from that I haven’t felt anything, no acne or oily skin and certainly no strength gains.

I started taking arimidex on the 7th day in as that is what I was told to do. I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to add in any dbol at all?

When should I start feeling any effects or strength gains etc as so far I haven’t felt anything. First week I was moody but that has gone too. Its crossed my mind that maybe the test was fake as I havent felt anything?

Thanks in advance.

Not really. I didn’t feel any real difference until week 5-6.

Be careful with that. If you crash your E2 your cycle can be ruined at least for a period of time. Imagine getting the flu. Might be safer to wait and see how it goes before taking more AI.

If you add dbol this is a good read.

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Thank you

Don’t add DBol, it’ll feel great, and then when you stop, the test only will be almost unnoticeable. Run just test only, get the benefits, then next cycle run an oral at the back half of the cycle.

Stop taking Arimidex, shouldn’t need it, especially this soon into your cycle.


I think it is worth pointing out that Dbol has high E2 conversion. You are on week 3 of 500 mg/wk test. Will you have E2 issues on just the test in a few week? Who knows (more people than you would think do on 500)? If you add in the Dbol, your chances of E2 issues goes way up. Figure out how you handle test first.

This also jives with the run it at the end of the cycle. After 10 weeks, you know you can handle the E2 from the test, then you could titrate a Dbol dose, and likely not have any issues.

I think one person does so you’re saying there’s two?

I think most people attribute any negative feelings to estrogen because we don’t understand it and it’s much better to have an answer in your mind rather than it being your body is adjusting to injecting to a higher level. When you read that folks have issues with estrogen you’re much more likely to believe you have those issues. I did 500mg before I know anything about it and was fine. There was a two week period where I felt off but it resolved itself on its own. Started TRT years later and read about estrogen and all of a sudden I had estrogen problems. A year later I realized I had AI problems. Don’t even think about estrogen. If you have issues for weeks and decide to try an AI to experiment then by all means.


My advise was not in relation to using an AI. More just to see what will happen when his test injections peak in a few weeks.

Say for example that OP does happen to get some gyno or a bunch of bloating on the 500 mg in 2-3 weeks, how much worse is it if he adds Dbol now? Now in 10 weeks, if he wants to add Dbol, I am assuming he did not get gyno in the first 10 weeks (unless he has cognitive disorder), and will be more likely to be successful without E2 sides. Same logic could be applied to androgenic sides. Wait and see that you are handling what you are doing for a while, then consider adding in.

Hi Guys,

I am on my first cycle, running test E at 500mg a week pinning every 5 days. Didn’t feel anything after 5 weeks so last week I added dbol at 40mg a day split into 4 doses. On my 5th day of dbol and still feel absolutely no different. Haven’t put any weight on and no strength gains etc. Diet and training are in check.

surely I should of felt something by now, either from the dbol or test.

What do you think is the problem?


Fake gear most likely

More than likely, fake gear. 40mg is a high dose, the scale should have moved a bit at the very least. If the scale didn’t move by week 5 on test, again, again, more than likely fake. Regardless of your diet and training , glycogen and water should have raised your weight a bit.

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I’ll third the fake gear hypothesis. You should have noticed something by now.

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Best way to test for fake gear is to get blood work. At 500/week, your test should be pretty high

I’m starting to think the dbol is defiantly fake but in regards to the test e I feel as if where I got it from it wouldn’t be fake. Is it possible to not feel the test e yet considering I am only in the 5th week? libido is through the roof just haven’t felt any significant strength gains.


Have you gained any weight on the scale?

Some people don’t “feel” test or gear in general. If your libido is up, erections are up, you might also have oily skin, acne, hair growth, etc. that shows your hormones are elevated.

Still a blood test isnt a bad idea. Do it privately, just total test LC/MS

The only way to truly know is get bloodwork.

So after two weeks these were my results:

test levels are at 96.3 nmol/L

Free test levels are at 2.97 nmol/L

Androgen index 304.75 ratio

After 5 weeks my Levels are:

Test levels are at 35.2 nmol/L

Free test levels are at 1.002 nmol/L

Androgen index: 151.07 ratio

Shouldn’t these results get higher as the weeks go on? As 3 weeks later they have gone down?

Just bare in mind I was using a different vial and brand from last week onwards. Pinned twice with pharma brand and my levels are now these

Were you testing at the same point in the week relative to your injections? Ie testing peak vs trough can make a difference