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Starting 3rd Cycle. PCT Advice?


Im getting ready to start my 3rd cycle. Its pharmas mix 3. Ill be running 1 ml a week which contains 100 mg of Tren E/200 mg nandrolone deconate/ 200 mg Test E… again its already mixed. Since the tren will run out of my system for the deca im confused on when to start pct as well as what and dosage amount


what is the length of cycle


It is 10 weeks. Sorry man i was at work


its your 3e cycle, dont you know your body a little now ? its not your first time


Never used deca and tren together before… might even be different if it wasnt a mix…


get your bloods done before, get a lot of caber and some letro for last resort, you need to really watch yourself running 2 19 nors at same time, never did it myself i ran either deca or tren separate.