Starting 10-week Cycle. Anti-Aromatase?

Hello everybody i hope you’re all fine , Well i’m gonna start a great cycle so soon , it’s 500mg test e per week for 10 weeks and Anadrol 100 mg every day for 7 weeks and finally 200 or 300 mg deca for 10 weeks no more than 200 or 300 mg because more deca than test gives confusion , nausea , deca dick and some other side effets. my goal is to gain some serious size and strength and for that cycle it’s more than sure that i will gain a lot of muscle size and strength , i’m preparing to use PROVIRON for 25 MG for 10 weeks every day for 10 weeks as a post workout because i had an experience with Proviron and it give me confusion . i wanna use proviron + my cycle as an anti aromatase and clomid as a pct for 2 or 3 weeks because Nolvadex can cause some serious problem of progestone , I want to use Proviron in place of arimidex because it’s so cheap 20 tabs of proviron coast 5 dollars and arimidex , aromasin , anastrozol coast more than 70 dollars so it’s expensive , can some one tell me if he had an experience with PROVIRON

Thanks all ! :slight_smile: