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Starter's Cycle

Ok, after a long time umming and ahhing I have got my hands on some gear. Not what i first wanted but unfortunately u cant always get what u want as i have found out. I have Sust 250, Test Enth and winny orals.

I dont particularly like the idea of running boths tests for a full 12 weeks so I was considering 200-300 a weeks for 4 weeks of Sust with 400 a week of test enth for 12 adding winny at about 50m a dayfor the last 6 weeks. I was also planning on running 10m of nolva a day as im trying to avoid too much water retention.

The other thing i was thinking of was running 400m a week of Sust adding winny at week7 again and leaving the the test enth for another time. I have enough for 12 weeks for both at a bit over those doses.

What would be a better bet for a first up cycle wanting to add some mass and lean out towards the end. Currently about 104kgs/230ls at 6’2" reasonable bodyfat, in other words not far off a 6pack.

One other question- i was planning on using Test but i would have preferred to use Anavar instead of winny but was told this was real rare these days and also likely to be fake, any thoughts

How much of each of these products do you have?

Enough for 12 weeks at 500mg test and Sust and about the same dose for 6 weeks of stan

you want Arimidex to help with the water gains