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Starter..(sorta) Need Cardio Advice


I've been lifting consistently for close to a year now, but i've never really bothered a lot with Cardio. Now I decided the only way to get rid of the remaining flab in the midsec (there's a little left to lose, those that survived my whole year's clean eating+regular weight training+etc) is to actually do intensive cardio, so last night in the gym I [grudgingly] decided to start the stationary bike and pedal away

(1) am I even right thinking cardio will skim off the remaining flab? (2) how much cardio do you do yourselves?

I'm 20, 5'7" and 145 lbs. I try my best to eat as clean as possible, get enough rest and lift regularly; for the healthy living part of the package, not necessarily to get big. Goal now is to take down BF from 22% to 17%. (Yeah I know that's still loads.)

I'm posting shots (there's not much to see, really, but what the hell). What do you think my problem areas are (aside from the obliques, I'm working on those) Pardon the sucky phone cam) I don't expect any compliments (tho they're nice) but I'd appreciate workout suggestions a lot. Thanks all.


Here's one more


I think you need to keep bulking.


I think you should be a professional photographer.


I agree continue bulking at 17 % bf you would drop to about 130 pounds at 5 % which if you are a jockey is ok but if you have spent the last year lifting to gain size why would you want to lose those gains now.



You aren't anywhere near 17% bodyfat, I would estimate you are close to the single digits. That's the first thing. Secondly, your "remaining flab" is a non-issue if you plan on having any size on you. If you want people to be able to tell that you lift weights you need to get bigger and not worry about your so-called flab.

The more muscle you have, the less that you and other people will care about a little extra dumplings clinging to your obliques. Keep bulking, for the love of god don't diet or try to lost bodyfat right now.


what the hell


There's no way you're 17% bodyfat, you just need to keep adding muscle.


Dude, I think your problem area is that you have no muscle mass. You are a twig. Why would you diet when you are so small? Are you Paris Hilton's body double?

My advice is the same every week to skinny newbies - put on some muscle before you worry about getting skinnier. No-one cares aobut abs if your woman can beat you up.

How about you post your training and diet details, and then we can help you get better results.


Don't we realize he has been training a full year and looks like he started last week. Something is not working here.

I think this is another "I want to cut some fat and refine my small and skinny muscles" goal.

No offense meant, but you did ask for problem areas, which I see as most of your body.

I would venture to say you not eating proper and/or at the right times and the right amounts. For a year and at your age you should look more ripped than you are.

Like above, please post the routine and nutrition and be honest with a day in the life example, then we can help.


Looks like you're about 18% now, not 22, though it's hard to tell without seeing legs.

Anyway, if you're dead set on leaning out at your relatively small size, sprints will help a lot more than long duration steady-state cardio. Do a search for HIIT - high intensity interval training.

I'd advise to gain more muscle while maintaining bodyfat, though. Check out Vroom's "Are you a beginner?" threads.



how exactly does one gain more muscle w/o any fat? Dont fool him.. bulking will put on both muscle AND fat.


i started out in really bad shape, bulging tummy, skinny arms, etc (i'll try digging up old pics some other time), hence I hold on to what I have now. I'm trying my best to eat as clean as I can afford to, but there's not a whole lot of time in my hands really, shuffling my 9-hour work, school and research on the side.

I will get the eating habit REALLY straightened out this time, thank you for being so constructive sir