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Starter Needs More Chest


hey guys any help would be accepted. Im currently 14 im 5"6 160 pounds my max for bench is 190 but i want it bigger. i was wondering if you have any advice on a work out curriculum that is for chests. By the way im new so dont flame me too bad : )



How much do you row?

Work now on overall development. Don't even think about individual body parts.

For your age I might consider a total body type workout that focuses between 8-12 reps at a given weight for3-4 sets 2-3 times a week.

Focus on pull-ups, rows, squats, bench.


Are you overweight? I can't imagine a 5'4" 160 pound 14 year old.

At 14 190 is awesome for bench. Work the whole body, not just your chest.


My bad....5'6" 160.....still kinda stocky for 14.


ahh your not small, 160 isn't big, maybe but when I was 14 I was 180 almost solid muscle. 10%


When I was 14 I was 5'9" 140 lbs and 25% bodyfat. Bench was 75 lbs.

You know what, fuck you.

: D



Welcome to the site and the lifestyle. If you haven't done so you should go to the beginners forum and read "are you a beginner".

There is also a thread on this site that had to do with peoples worst mistakes and one of the resounding statements is "working only the money muscles" IE: chest and biceps.

You should not be so concerned with a bigger chest just yet but choose a program that includes chest as part of a total body concept.

You may find that your chest comes along nicely without any specialization. After a couple years experience then you may decide to apply some extra focus to lagging body parts.

All you need to know can be found here but you have to listen to the great advice you can get.

To answer your question, choose some basic lifts that hit the chest from a variety of angles. Incline, decline and flat bench with barbell or dumbells is a good start but do it only as part of a program including squats, deads, lots of rowing, overhead pressing, etc.

Keep your body balanced or you'lle pay the price later.

That's probably more than you hoped for and perhaps you already know this stuff but I'de hate to see a young guy ruin himself right off the bat.


all the above is good advice. If you're reading it and part if you is still thinking, "well, really I just want a bigger bench" (that's all I wanted at 14... well that and a girlfriend with big tits) I'd still follow it anyway: your back, shoulders, triceps, in fact just about everything contribute to your bench press, so by strengthening these as well you will reach levels far beyond what you would if you just focused on your chest.


thnx for all the help and no im not stocking im very well built i have 6% body fat. i wanted a bigger chest because i have great abs, back shoulders, but i thought it was small. i will have pics soon


No offense

But please, I don't need to see pics of a 5'6" 160lb 14 yr old.

Although I don't believe you're at 6% bodyfat--and how would you know anyways?


hahahaha. I'm with you. I think I made 70 lbs. benching back then.

And yea, Sasquatch is right, don't post pics.


i know because my school has a bf thing that they can measure it with. and frankly i could care less if u believe me or not.im not stocky at all. im very cut and toned.i could be wrong about the bf but it looks like i have no fat. Im not the skinny ab boy freak that everyone here thinks i am. i look much older than i am. i have outbenched people that are 3 years older than me. its all about dedication. plus i think i have good genes.thnx to everyone who contributed positively instead of being a dick and not giving me the benfit of the doubt.


Just wondering, what's your max bent-over row, and what does your workout consist of?

And to answer your question, focusing on one body part is, from what I've read, really more for advanced lifters (both in age and in training years). That said, incline and decline presses will hit the chest at different angles. Choose an auxiliary chest exercise (dumbbell flyes, pec-dec machine if you really hate free weight flyes) to superset your main compound chest exercise.



I can out bench people 20-25 yrs younger than me.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt on all your posts--UNTIL you said you were 6% bodyfat. You are too young to even understand how low that is or how unlikely it is that you are there.