Started ZMA, Waking Up at 3 AM

i am 17 i have been taking ZMA for 3 days now i have noticed i get a very good 4-5 hour sleep then i wake up in like 3:00am then i feel really fresh and ready to go but it is too dark then i go to sleep again the deep sleep then i wake up agin feeling tired? what is happening? anyone.

it is bothering me a lot please any suggestions?

i take 30mg of zinc

450mg of magnesium


10.5mg of b6 every night on empty stomach and before 30-60 minutes going to bed

ZMA seems to have differing effects on people’s sleep. Some sleep great, some can’t sleep, some have weird dreams. I’ve heard some of the weirdness attributed to the B6.

Personally, I only had weird dreams, but that went away after a week or so.

But you know, if it messed up your sleep, don’t do it. Maybe take it earlier in the day (or one pill with each meal or something).

Some people cant sleep restfully with the b-6… try spreading it out like stated or take zinc and MG separate

i can’t sleep on the full dose of zma either. i take the “women’s dose” lol. try 20, 300, and 7 mg respectively. also, i fall sleep better when i take it more like 15 min before bed.