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Started Your New Physique Program

Hi coach, a few general questions about the new physique program you released, I actually
Completed the old
One and had much success with it, one critique was the conditioning after each workout became too much for me, I followed it to a T but my cns paid the price, fast forward a few months I am happy to see you finally released the new program, and the conditioning is reserved for Saturday’s! Wonderful.
What % should I be using for the eccentric primary lifts? What about the concentric and and the concentric strength days? I assume that a 85% of my max squat on a 6 second eccentric portion is not sustainable for 12 weeks (increasing time each week, too), what do you recommend as optimal for the primary compound movement on these days?
What about a warm up? Can I skip skip
Rope a few minutes and then proceed or do you recommend mobility work, etc.
And diet. I want to come out of this lean as possible. I am taking hot Rox, have plasma, too.
Generally I eat 200 grams of protein though I weight 210. Carbs around the workout only and the focus on protein and healthy fats after the workout window, non workout days I eat protein and fats only. I am very serious about this and really
Wanna take my body to the next level. I love
Your teaching methodology and approach to strength. Much respect, Thib!
Appreciate any advice. Thank you.

You’ll notice that I use an RPE recommendation, not percentages. That’s because I don’t like using percentages, for three main reasons:

  1. Depending on how you are feeling that day (fatigue, lack of sleep, missing meals, being in amazing shape, etc.) the planned percentage could be perfect, too heavy or too easy. If the plan calls for 85% for 4 sets of 5 reps, if you are in good shape it will be very challenging but doable. If you are a bit tired you will likely fail starting on set 2 or 3. If you are very tired you won’t even get 5 reps on the first set.

  2. Not everybody has the same training history and fiber make-up. If someone has been doing mostly low reps training (or is very fast-twitch dominant) and the program calls for 5 reps with 85%, he likely won’t be able to do all the reps. Especially if there are multiple sets. But someone who has trained mostly with higher reps might be able to get 8 reps with 85% and now that load for 5 reps is not challenging enough.

  3. You can’t predict the progress rate someone will have. This will be affected by training experience, genetics, nutritional status and lifestyle. As such I don’t think it’s possible to establish a precise progression using percentages prescription for 10-12 weeks.

That’s even worse when talking about percentages for eccentric or isometric emphasis work. Some people are much stronger eccentrically than others. These people won’t have much a decrease in performance when having to do 5-6 seconds eccentrics on their reps.

I prefer to use the RPE scale, so you select the weight depending on the intensiveness and reps in the tank I want you to have on each set. Of course, the RPE scale is explained in thep program.

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Sure, you can do whatever helps you get into the right physical, mental and neurological state to perform. Just be careful not to overdo it and have too much fatigue to perform optimally.

When dieting down I’d keep protein higher, especially if you carbs are low. I’d shoot for at least 1g per pound, ideally 1.25g when in a caloric surplus. The rest looks fine. Of. course, total caloric intake is super important if you want to get leaner.

Wonderful stuff. Thank you. That explains a few of the thoughts I had regarding RPE, so treat every workout on a “how I feel” type of basis. This will actually help me out a lot.
I will update you in 11 weeks.
Best regards, coach.

Hello, coach. I took your neuro type exam, pretty accurate with my results:

I assume there’s nothing wrong with continuing the physique transformation program as planned? I’m making great strides, about to finish week 3. Open to any suggestions or insight regarding my neuro type and the program I’m currently running.

Actually, I am watching your series on YouTube; this program and my type fit perfectly for what I am like in the gym—

There you go :slight_smile: