Started Working Out, How am I Doing?

I’m 46 5’6 150 lbs. I’ve just only started working out. I’m doing 4 days a week, 20 reps at 70 lbs. 1 hour at a time or until my reps are finished. Account to a few sites and people, I need 225g of protein a day and 3k cals a and. 1.5 x150 =225, 150x2x10=3000. After I’m done my hot measurements for my arms are 14 3/8, is that good???
Any other advice ??? Thanks Trevor.

Ok well imma tackle this part of your post.

225g of protein is excessive. Especially as a beginner and especially as someone who is 150lbs. Numbers get thrown around a lot and you must have picked it up from an advanced bodybuilder website or athletes forums because it doesn’t really apply to you at the moment.

Eating this much protein is just going to run up your shopping bill and make you run to the toilet more.

1g per pound of bodyweight is a better estimate. Even this number is pretty high for even some of the advanced lifters on this forum. Just like everything though, it is an individual thing but my opinion is start at 150g of protein per day and increase or decrease as necessary.

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Sorry, but to clarify you do 20 reps of what at 70lb?


Without knowing where you started, it’s impossible to know how well you are going.

For example, if your arms started out at 15", I would say things are going pretty terribly.

I think protein goes better with mirrors than a tape measure.

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Yes I am

My weights.

I am pretty sure he was asking what EXERCISES you are doing for 20 reps.
Basically he gave us nothing to work with.
What is your goal? Are you doing the same exercise all 4 days?
You will have to be specific.

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Sorry for any confusion. Really happy to try and offer some advice, but without context it is rather difficult. I suggest that you post a breakdown of your most recent session - i.e. what exercises did you do in that hour (we already know two of the training variables - weight and reps).

Butterflies, arm presses, pull ups ECT… And in between I do legs. Is this what you mean!?

You’re still not really giving enough information for anyone to give you meaningful advice on.

In the first instance, I would suggest you check out the beginner’s forum, choose any one of the many pre-written programmes available for free and stick to it for an 8 week period. Those programmes will ensure that you factor in enough compound work and balance antagonistic muscle groups.

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So basically you are just doing a few random exercises with no specific plan or goal.
First thing you need to do is determine WHY are you doing this. What do you want to get out of it? Look good? Strength? Athletic?
Once you determine that, find a specific plan that matches your goals and start there.
There is nothing wrong with starting out the way you are doing it. At least you took the first step and got started. Now, you need refine it so you can start making progress towards your goals.