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Started With Methyl 1 Test


Started this suppliment 3 days ago and punching 10mg X2 / day. Anyone ever tried this product?


It's not a supplement. It is an oral steroid. A lot of people have had very bad experiences from this product. Do a search and you will see all the bad sides people have had from them.


Yeah, it's pretty toxic stuff. You should be okay at 20mg/day for a short, 2 to 3 week cycle. Most people who have used it don't think it was worth it, myself included. It works, but it destroys your body in the process.


So far i did not notice a thing. My system is doing fin, I will keep you guys posted, thanks for the in site.


It's only been a few days.

If you start pissing blood, start worrying.


The first things you'll likely notice are darkened urine and fatigue/lethargy.


Should I keep taking ZMA at night and what about PCT? Is there a need for that?


So this is going down hill pretty quickly, although it never started out very well.


Based on that post, stop taking M1-T right now


Yet many still feel the need to critisize everyone who responds, but never slam the original posters of these type of annoying threads, refusing to accept the fact that these Nimrods are the excuse our enemies thrive on to justify punishing us all...


Id get some nolva on hand in case you need it soon or 6 months down the road when the gyno shows up.


Methyl 1-Testosterone, (M1T) or 17aa-i-testosterone, is the methylated version of the steroid 1-testosterone. This structural modification makes steroids much more bioavailable by inhibiting breakdown in the liver. Methyl 1-Testosterone, 16 times more potent than testosterone. Methyl 1-Test is the most potent form of 1-Testosterone that's available on the market today.

Most users of Methyl 1-Test are reporting mind blowing size gains without any bloat. Methyl 1-Test is generating a tremendous word of mouth buzz in the hardcore, community and most users are comparing this amazing bodybuilding suppplement to the most potent (illegal) steroids. Technology and science have brought forth new and exciting supplements that are sure to give results. Methyl-1-Testosterone is at the front of the game.

This compound can add pounds of lbs of lean mass, radically define the physique, and add to your levels of strength quite rapidly. It does not aromatize, cause water retention, or impart any DHT related effects. Each capsule contains: M1T 10mg (17-Methyl-1 androstene-17b-ol-3one)
Nutritional Breakdown
M1T 10mg (17-Methyl-1 androstene-17b-ol-3one)
M1T 10mg (17-Methyl-1 androstene-17b-ol-3one)

Recommended Usage
1 capsule per day with a meal. Due to the potency of Methyl 1-Test, this product should be used at 10mgs or 20mgs being the maximum amount any individual should use in a 24 hour period. DO NOT use this product for longer than 2 weeks without taking a 2 week break from use. LABORATORY TESTED


LOL, "potency" is a very diplomatic way of putting it.


So I guess I am an asshole for bringing this thread back to life...

But I'd seriously like to know how ugly it got for you simard?

Seriously, give me the real story about your black urine and D cups....

All kidding aside, I'm wondering how this turned out for you. I've read horror stories regarding it, but am really curious as to what a user has to say about it.


im ganna also be taking m1t id like to read the finish results


No need to bump this thread. You are cluttering this forum.
Obviously the person has been gone for a long time. You're not particularly intelligent are you?


But maybe he got teh bicecpts from teh suuplement and we need to knows!


WTF.. that should cut down it bioactivity.


well im not him but i recently ran a 2 week gained 12 lbs and lost about 3-4LBS. besides the lethargy and lower back pumps the sides werent that bad xD. I DONT KNOW HOW LONG THIS HAS BEEN INACTIVE so dont get mad at me for posting results here or i will have a face rolling fest on my keyboard over you


You have your own thread but decided to bump this one? A thread that has information that will clearly lead to people flaming you. Then you ask not to be flamed.

Youre a really shitty troll.