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Started Westside. Got Hemorrhoids.


So,yeah. Not a good story here. I'm 6'0 147 pounds 21y/o male. Recently started working out again. I decided to go with Westside for Skinny Bastards,since I am a skinny bastard. :slightly_smiling:
But something very nasty happened. Wednesdays are max effort lower body days. Last Wednesday I was doing ME back squats. Pushed myself really hard. The next day I see my toilet covered with my blood. That was not pleasant at all obviously.
It's been 5 days and got better now,but I still have some blood coming out when i poop. Disgusting,I know.

My question is,what do I do now? I don't wanna stop lifting,but I'm pretty scared of doing squats/deadlifts now. Any help?


You're doing it wrong.


Pics or it didn't happen.


Have you tried hitting it?


Yeah,thanks for contribution guys.


Serious face: If you're really prone to get them, shit like increased abdominal pressure (squatting, duh) is going to cause it.

You could try making sure you're running on empty (shitting before you lift, maybe train with nothing more than a light shake and a caffeine tab) to potentially reduce the pressure. Though, I wouldn't expect either of those to make a big difference as it's going to be blood pressure which is causing those blood vessels to become dilated and burst (I burst blood vessels in my face almost everytime I DL).

You got a shitty draw of the cards and burst them in your anus.

Try higher reps or ya know...knitting.


At least now you know you're getting good glute activation. :wink:


This suddenly reminded me of that photo of the weightlifter with the prolapsed rectum and then....I realised I suddenly didn't want to be reminded of that photo of the weightlifter with the prolapsed rectum. =/


Lawsuit brah, take em for every penny they're worth :wink:


Aw man i feel sorry for you.


Sorry dude is just too funny


I will go see a doctor this week.

Blood is bright red,almost pink,so as far as I know that means that it's not coming from somewhere deep.
BTW,about straining. That's why I think it's hemorrhoids. Last time I strained (idiot,I know),now this is the result.


Honestly, the world's not going to end if you have to lay off those lifts for a while, or even a long long time.

Most successful bodybuilders are great at improvising out of necessity, and usually the 1st lifts to go are the deadlifts/squats.

Just make do with what you've got. Until you get it properly sorted, make substitutions:

Legs - Leg press/lunges/leg curls/leg extensions

Back - Heavy rows like kroc rows (I would say Rack Pulls but they will create much internal/downwards pressure like normal deadlifts too)

Good luck getting it sorted...


This is great. Just do what I do. Wipe your ass and get on with your day. Drink lots of water. Softer shit will help to not tear your inflamed asshole.


yeah, probably not hemorrhoids. I have gotten bloody shits twice now and I did my research and found out that it's most likely an "anal fissure" which is an actual cut in your ANUS. This happens because of either a huge dump or a big contrast in the smooth muscle of your rectum being relaxed (ready to shit) and your anus being contracted, aka holding in a huge dump. hemorrhoids are different I think and you need cream (?) to solve them. I have had this happen twice and I'll spare the details. take a stool softener for a few days to let the cut heal. avoid foods that make you shit a lot, as you'll have to give it some time to heal. Lastly, stay hydrated. I didn't want to have to tell a doctor about my bloody ass so I toughed it out. And although it's happened twice now, it's nothing to be alarmed about. as long as the blood is bright red you're good. If it's dark then it's been in your body for a while and you have serious problems.

hit up webMD and seach "bloody stool" and "anal fissure"


hahaha, anal


Go see a doctor asap, preferably one with good knowledge of weight training populations


First of - it might not be hemorrhoids, as Kevin5255 pointed out.
You should se a doctor. I know proctologist isn't the kind of doc you wanna visit, but blood coming out of your ass is, I assume, something you want evin less... get checked out.

If it IS hemorrhoids, I got an advice or two. I had it a few times. Once came clsoe to actualy getting surgery. But didn't. It was getting really annoying and didn't go away for a long time, but I was stubborn about healing it without surgery.

First of - you should lay off the weights for the time it heals. Should be no more than one week if you're actualy doing someting to heal it.
Use cream or something... whatever doc will prescribe.
This one depends on how deep it is, but: application of cold compress for about 15-20 minutes 3 times a day may do wonders.

After you heal it - prevention:
Google it. Read about preventing it. Mostly it's just avoiding constipation, keeping strict hygiene and not sitting for prolonged periods of time.
This one is my KEY point. Get some 'rutin' (rutoside) - it's a name of a substance - supplements. It strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, there are suggestions it evin has anti-inflammatory properties. Keeps my asshole from bleeding. So great stuff in my book:))


Use baby wipes. I cannot imagine ruining my beautiful shaved butt hole with coarse toilet paper. Lolz.


baby wipes



shit, that's true! this photo is absolutely scary...