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Started Velocity Diet

I started the velocity diet this morning. I took before photos and I will take after photos. I will post both sets at the end of this 28 days. If anyone has interest in me logging this on the net, I will keep a day to day account of my experience. I am following a west side template the entire time.

Start: 255 lbs, ~20% bf, 5’10", 365 lb bench, 580 lb dead, 500 lb squat.

I think this would be interesting for sure. You must have some serious muscle hiding.

Well I’d certainely be interested. It would be nice to see a big man cut down some bodyfat to show the muscles he has underneath,rather than the normal skinny fat kids cutting to show us their collar bones.

My days look like this:

5 2-scoop Metabolic Drive shakes (on workout days one is replaced with 2 1/2 scoop Surge PWO)
5 serving milled flax seeds mixed in throughout the day
24 fish oil capsules.
1 packet of multivitamins to get all the good shit I don’t have without food
3 HOT-ROX upon wake-up, 3 in afternoon

calories: 1850-2050

workout 3 times a week in the gym plus one strongman day and one speed day outside the gym.

Day one: To be honest, I feel like a million bucks. My gym performance was nothing short of stellar for what I am used to. I think I spaced out my first two shakes way too far; therefore, that was the only time I felt hunger today. This coming from someone who has been on a see-food and eat it bulking plan for at least 3 years.

I am going to try and go the extra mile and not even eat one solid meal a week, but we’ll see how this works. Worst part: MILLED FLAX SEEDS SUCK. Choking these down with my protein shakes is killing me, so I did them all in two shakes so I could have some satisfaction. The following days’ reports probably won’t be as long, but hopefully just as thorough.