Started TRT, Planning First Blast. Feedback on Plan?

I started TRT earlier this summer. Once my levels are stabilixed, I would like to pursue doing a short blast in the Fall. For the record, I recently had a surgery and lost a good deal of muscle gains, would like to replace that back once I’ve gotten natty gains back.

My question is: Would doing an 8 week cycle of Test P make sense? I don’t want to do a long cycle and lose my TRT script, and from what I’ve heard, the short esters are better for TRT when you have labs with your doc every 6 months.

Does this cycle look good? I am 40 yrs old, 6’1" 185 lbs, around 12% BF

Week 1-8
100mg Test P EOD


its a little early to already start thinking about a blast but anyway, what are your goals with blast?

I agree with you, I was thinking more like 6-7 months after my TRT begins, which would be in the fall of this year.

My goal is simply to add some lean gains back I lost due to a shoulder surgery earlier this year. 5-10 lbs of muscle would be ideal, but mostly body recomp, which I know has much to do with diet. The diet part I will have dialed in. Just wondering if an 8 wk blast would get me there. Thanks for your reply…

Why dont you got the TRT a chance before changing anything. You may get the results you want just by having optimal blood levels.

I’m not sure I see an advantage to added Test Prop. If you are on Test Cyp, they are essentially the same thing. You would do better by adding Masteron or Tren (if you can handle the sides of Tren)