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Started TRT, Nutrition and Brain Fog Questions

I just started trt for symptoms of depression, poor sleep and crushing fatigue.

I’m 35 and have a trt level of 201 free t is low as well, all others are “in range”. My tsh is one point above the range of 4.5. T3s and others are all missals range.

I have started with test c at 120 a week along with hcg and one grain of np thyroid daily.

Does eating testosterone boosting food help or not since I am recieciving injections?

The day after the injection I had severe insomnia and agitation. I did have a good spurt of energy and subsideance of brain fog about an hour after the injections. this common?

I don’t think it would.

Some report this, can’t say I have ever noticed it except when using aqueous testosterone.

The more common them around here are terrible TRT protocols, once weekly injections works for a smaller percentage of people. These large once weekly injections can drive estrogen production, smaller more frequent dosing can help lower estrogen and keep levels more stable and from swinging between injections.

When I was injecting once weekly, I could feel a crash on the third day after my injection, injecting smaller doses EOD made a world of difference and is when my muscles started growing and I started noticing body comp changes.

If you are a high body fat percentage and controlling estrogen is proving to be challenging, smaller more frequent dosing will help tremendously.

TRT may not show good results until your thyroid treatment is dialed in. You can no long boost testosterone while injecting testosterone, your HPTA will shut down inside of a few weeks.

It’s a better idea to start TRT in isolation as there are less moving parts to analyze and you may never know what’s causing what symptoms.

Your initial symptoms are quite common, I felt exactly the same for about 6 weeks before my head started clearing, little by little I started feeling better and mood was the first to improve.

Whether you’ve been on TRT for days or years, every time you change your dosage, it takes 6 weeks for testosterone and estrogen levels to reach a stable state.

Thank you for tour reply. I am very lean. Very little body fat. I was on the gels for several months previous and it did nothing for me. I the highest result I got was 420 for TT. I am seeing a hormone specialist and she seems to know what she is doing. She is a straight forward Doctor. She also said I need to supplement with vitamin d as I am in the very low acceptable range. What would be a good dose to take I forgot to ask her. 85% of her patients are men and before she got done with me in comes a nurse with hcg and test c. Then I went and gave more blood. It’s nice that she does everything in house. I just want to be happy and not fatigued again!

Welcome to the club.

You should probably try to figure out why you were low and try to fix it rather than going on TRT. I doubt your doctor is interested in this option.

So what would the opposite be? You crashed by day 3, but I only peak by day 3-4 on once weekly. Weird?

We peak in 24-48 hours, so a crash be day 3 is totally within the realm of possibility. Remember everyone metabolizes testosterone at a different rate, it’s clear to me I metabolizes testosterone faster than most if I’m noticing a crash on day 3 with SHBG at 22 which isn’t absurdly low.

Yes, there is no one size fits all. I take 200mg once a week, SHBG 24, and I have to skip an injection and get to the end of the second week to notice the decrease.

What about blood sugar? I woke up today shaky as hell with anxiety. I pounded some carbs and protein but still feel bad. Since my injection I have been sooooo hungry. Any suggestions?