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Started TRT, Need Advice on Adding On?

To whom it may concern, I need help. I’ve started a TRT and it has really been good to me . I feel better and have bigger drive. I’ve read online that maybe I can stack on top of this? If so what? I really want the most!

More test but make sure you are taking a A.I.

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are you planning on having kids?

If answer is yes… dont stack

if answer is no…

I recommend test and tren… tried and true…

Increase test, here’s a sample for beginners…

First blast, run 500 mg per week for 12 weeks, pin every 3.5 days. I recommend test-c. Run Aromasin or Arimidex ED, HCG is optional.

Optional to run a low aromitising oral since you are already running a high aromatise dosage of test, i recommend superdrol (run for 4 weeks max start running it from beginning of blast ) , it takes 1-2 weeks to kick in, liver toxicity is high but gains are great… around 3-4 lb muscle in a week maybe more for you since you are a beginner.

Second blast, depending on how first cycle went, start stacking tren-ace, ED pins for 8 weeks, you want to run a harsh compound for less time, slow compound for longer… tren ace is good for cutting or bulking and gives good strength gains, just make sure to pin it everyday to keep it stable.


All good information, tho it seems that I need to find more T? Being new this may be hard. Starting point? Thanks

I cant give source help here, this is up to you, they are easy to find if you know where to look.

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Gotcha, I completely understand. Thanks again for your input. I’ll get at it.