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Started TRT, Looking for Help with Bloodwork and/or Regimen

So just went in today, and started TRT. Can anyone please give me feedback on the blood tests and/or regimen as the whole process was kind of a whirlwind and my brain is a little spun. I will be going in weekly for my shot for now, but will probably self administer after a few months (have blood-work done again at 5 and 10 weeks) Super Excited, thanks for any input anyone may have.

48 Years Old
6’3 - 240
38 Waist
Legs only Body hair, and Light Facial Hair
Carry fat mostly as a spare Tire, a little in the chest\back
Only health conditions are a little sports Asthma and some Sinus issues (polyps)
I take bupropion for Mild Anxiety and some OTC sinus sprays
I eat mostly healthy, with a pretty even Macro Ratio
Lift weights 3-4 times a week (usually 3 sets of 15 reps)
Testes are fine

Symptoms are just always run down. Brain fog, hard to gain muscle, shitty recovery times, more agitated than normal, bad sleep, just not feeling well.

Went to Mantality and was tested. Had Free T of 7.0 and 4.8 (Range - 8.7 - 25.1) on 2 different mornings at the same time (first one was fasted)

I have started TRT with the following regimen
Testosterone Cypionate 140 mg/mL
Anastrazole ½ mg (I think, taken at the time of the shot)
Sublingual HCG (will be sent to me, so not sure the dosage)

Here are the rest of the numbers from the test. The Testosterone and SHBG were taken twice, same time a week apart.

I would supplement vitamin D, vitamin B12, sure would prefer ferritin which is the gold standard for checking iron status. Low MCHC is usually seen in iron deficiency, but other markers look fine, still would be nice to have ferritin.

This will not work, sublingual HCG is destroyed in the gut, sorry your doctor is of the clueless type or is out to make a buck. No one, I repeat no one on T-Nation is on sublingual HCG because it doesn’t work, HCG must be injected into fat tissue. Your AI dosage may be excessive, your estrogen is not that high and could be managed by increasing injection frequencies.

AI’s can cause problems, some men are over-responders and a tiny amount with knock estrogen low and a new level of suffering will ensue. I knock estrogen very low on only 0.050 anastrozole.

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I started off on 200mg intramuscular divided by twice a week then switched to subQ five times a week. My estrogen was always high even with an AI and the AI always made me feel worse. Now I’m taking 150 divided by five days a week with no AI and my testosterone is still the same at 1100 and my estrogen has dropped.

You’re a good candidate for TRT. However, there are some questionable items.

First, why hCG? Secondly, sublingual? As systemlord stated, a waste of your money.

I would hold off on anastrozole for now. You don’t know how your E2 will respond yet and whether of not you will have negative symptoms if it gets high. Higher E2 may help with your lipids. Avoid using it if possible.

Free PSA is not indicated when the total PSA is less than 2.5. I would not waste that money again.

Thanks for the input.

I went back for my 2nd shot today and discussed this with the Doc. He advised they start out with a 500IU tablet of HCG but I can switch to an injection if i would like. I have not taken the tablet yet, I’m not sure what to do.

The Anastrozole is .5mg and I took it the first week, but I took this weeks home with me.

The testosterone was 150 mg not 140.

So I’m confused, should I hold off on the AI until week 5 (i get retested at week 5 and 10) and should I take the tabs, ask for an injection, or nothing? Trying to go through all the posts here for thoughts, but I am just not sure.

Ill ask about the ferritin for the next test, and is just a b complex vitamin the way to go, to supplement that?


Thanks for the input. Im not quite sure if I can reply to all, so If you could see my reply to Systemlord and have any suggestions id appreciate it. Thanks!!

If you decide to use it, injection is the way. But, why, for what purpose? Fertility? Testicular atrophy?

Yes, I would not take it unless, and until, it is needed. You may not need it.

Yes. Some clinics put everyone on their cookie cutter protocol. Not saying this one is, I do not know, but you should understand the rationale for whatever they are prescribing.