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Started TRT Last Week. When to Inject HCG/How Much?

Hey guys I started TRT last week, my doctor prescribed me 200mg a week, 1mg anastrozole, and HCG. I haven’t started the anastrozole yet due to some advice from various forums, however, I will if I start noticed high e2 symptoms. But I would like to start HCG because although it’s not in the near future, my fiancé and I would like to have kids some day.

I’m currently taking my testosterone 100mgs Sunday morning and 100mg Wednesday night. I was wondering what would the correct way be to take HCG? Should I do it the same day as testosterone, or separately? Also, I’m not exactly sure how much HCG I am taking. The bottle says 11000iu and I was told to put 5.5 bacteristatic water in it, then when I take it I fill the syringe to 25 units? Thanks for all the help guys!

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HCG dosing is 100-150 daily, 250-300 every 2 days, 400-500 twice weekly. More frequent injections of HCG will also lower the estrogen impact. HCG will likely increase estrogen, so if fertility is of no concern, no need as you can add HCG and even FSH injections when looking to have kids.

Thank you! By any chance, from my poor description, do you know how much HCG I’m taking? My doctor wants me to fill the 31g syringe to 25 units, and do that twice a week? Also, if I choose not to add HCG now, how likely is it that adding it later would resolve any fertility issues?Sorry for the stupid question, I do appreciate the help though.

Read off what the HCG bottle says. I think mine was 500iu per ML.

I have not found any evidence or case studies that say you lose fertility on trt if HCG is not started concurrently. I have seen dozens of folks who say they got there wife pregnant by starting HCG years into trt. Many docs also operate in this fashion. They say “tell me when you want to be fertile and we will add HCG and etc”.

ah ok, I will take a look at the bottle when I am home. Would you be able to tell me if I should take HCG on days I take my testosterone? Or would it be better if I took it another time. I inject Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

Yes docs do it different. Some do it the day after. My last clinic asked me to inject it with my cypionate: pull up the HCG first and then the cypionate into the same needle…

New to trt consider smaller amounts of HCG. Maybe 100iu to 200iu per shot . I took 200iu every few days and it did the trick. I stopped now for over a month and it’s not as bad one would be led to believe: some guys have larger issues but most do not.

Do not use the HCG until you are ready to become fertile it’s a waste of the wise the whole reason why you’re on trt it’s because you’ve got low testosterone that will always stay low without the use of supplemental testosterone. HCG should be used intermittently throughout only when trying to get your spouse pregnant or trying to bring your own natural levels back into functionality which in your case and my case and in everyone’s case that does trt.

that is not what usually goes on because the whole reason people go on trt in the first place is because they can’t create their own testosterone levels as high as they want them anymore because after the age of 35 they decreased by 1 to 2% a year. Using HCG will only hopefully make your abilities to reproduce become a reality and the reason reason I say maybe is that it’s not always successful.

Remember, your own testosterone is not being made by your body in the amounts that are necessary and the HCG is hopefully going to increase your natural testosterone in order to help your Little Swimmers become or have a better chance at getting to swim all the way up into where the babies are made.

And remember if a doctor suggest a PCT ignore him because that means he doesn’t know what he’s talking about cuz people on top do not need PCT ever because their levels are just get lower and lower and lower and lower and lower and lower etcetera well I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be a 70-year-old man who can only do anything but sit in the chair and smoke a cigar because I’ll be too fragile and my hip might break if I stand up and lean the wrong way.

Thanks for letting me ramble on I just took a shot 250 cypionate (every 5 days along with 1 mg of Arimidex with ever shot) I would love to throw some equipoise in there what’s the months of Tren but unfortunately I have no connections and I know no one that can get anything else other than cypionate. Anybody can help me that be great suggestions or any other way. Peace out keep lifting