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Started TRT in the 400's ngdl Range?

Has anyone started or does anyone know someone who started TRT in the 400’s ngdl range? (13nmol-18nmol)

Im 20 years old and i have had 2 tests, 420ngdl and 450ngdl. Free T middle of the range on both. Good E2 aswell. Cortisol High but in range.

The thing that confuses me is i have pretty severe symptoms and they have slowly got worse over 2 years;
-Brain fog/slowed thinking.
-Erectile dysfunction with completely no morning wood.
-The no morning or night wood makes me urinate like mad at night.
-Anti social even though i know deep down i love social interaction.
-Lack of drive and motivation for ANYTHING.

Any input would be welcomed. Really don’t know where to go anymore, such a shame you can’t just ‘try’ TRT.

Anxiety and depression. T isn’t going to fix those issues. Frankly it’s not that uncommon. Lack of motivation for anything and loss of enjoyment for activities are key.

Yes, all your symptoms you have mentioned are common of hypogonadism, and can be found through patient reported symptoms or reading medical literature. Try to see if you can find the root cause of your low t, I give readings around the same as you, and have been avoiding TRT for six months now in hopes of raising t endogenously. I do think you should try to raise t endogenously, rigorously, before you resort to trt.

I have tried HCG on various dosages and schedules which provided some relief and stopped work.
I had a brain MRI to rule out a growth
I tested for Lyme to rule this out
I am seeing in internal health specialist to rule out other underlying problems

I will probably start t within 2 months. I am 25, have been struggling with all the symptoms which have also gotten more severe in the last couple years as you have. I experience depression due to low t, this was one of my first symptoms and complaints to doctors. Of course, when I drew a level of 287 at age 21, I was told this was normal, and off I went suffering being given prozac and cialis that didnt work. Gotta keep fighting man. Lots of doctors out there are smart and great docs, but like anything else, its a bell curve and majority are just mediocre, at best… Educated yourself, dont give up, and you will come out a winner most the time.


I had similar issues. My first levels came back in the 400’s as well. But my symptoms warranted treatment.

I had to suffer for a long time to wait for my levels to drop to the low 200’s to warrant therapy. You need to find a doctor that will be willing to look at the whole picture and not just treat you based on your lab values. Remember that labs are an average range not necessarily a level that may be correct for you. You have to take control here, find a doctor willing to work with you. Use the information from this site and elsewhere to gain as much knowledge as possible, and you will be surprised how you will be able to control your situation.

Keep working on it, you will get there.


IMO 2 testosterone tests in the 450 range do not warrant TRT assuming the range is the average, but no results is any good without range. In the words of KS man, low T at your age is not the cause of your symptoms but a symptom of another cause. This was the case for me as well. I am 23 and have T in the 200s.

Get proper blood work done suggested in the sticky.