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Started TRT, Here is My Protocol

Started trt yesterday, doc started me on 140mg of test a week by injection,with hcg 250 mg twice a week
Levels before trt
TT. 450 ng/dL (180-917)
FT 7.62 ng/dL (3.3-26.8)
%FT 1.7 (1.8-3.2)
E -25.0
SHBG- 41
FSH 2.51 2.51 (1-14)
LH 6.37 (1.40-7.70)
T4 1.46 (0.71-1.70)
T3 2.33 (0.270-4.20)

Tell me what you all think
Thanks in advance

That HCG dosage isn’t enough to do anything, but for a daily dosage maybe it’s enough if you are sensitive to HCG. If you’re looking for an effective HCG dosage for twice weekly, 350-500 is more appropriate.

The starting T dosage is good, not what I would call too little or excessive.

Thank you For correcting me, it is .5ml which is 250mg of hcg twice a week

It’s probably not enough when one considers the half-life of HCG, 250 iu is best for EOD protocols and 100-150 iu for daily protocols.

Oh yeah half life for hcg sucks, I will discuss that with my doctor thank you

The thought had crossed my mind that maybe your doctor is just trying to mimic the pulsatility of LH by having you doing smaller doses so that your LH receptors are not being stimulated constantly.

Now whether you could benefit, that’s another story.