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Started TRT, Getting Angry Over Little Things

@systemlord & @RampantBadger
Thank u, thank u. Duly noted, will look into other options after I confirm this dude won’t do weekly for me…I was very clear with him regarding the half life + how I want consistent higher numbers. I’ll give dude tge benefit of tge doubt first, and go from there.

I think odds are he dang well may be clueless about TRT as u say, or possibly concerned about something with insurance or regulation. I’ll give him just a while longer & see…

Thx again men!

Just occurred to me that I, maybe we, have some tunnel vision on Test going. I’ve a long, not great medical history etc. this Dr must look at when adjusting anything he’s doing. E.g., PE’s, the fact I once had Diabetes even though I got my shit together n it was removed from my chart, etc…and I mean a very long + complicated record. I don’t blame him for not immediately cranking the amount and frequency just cause I may postulate to him why it’d be a good idea.
He IS an MD after all, so he’s looking at whole health picture vs ONLY test…let’s cut a little slack for the sake of safety. I done looked death in the eye more than a few times both in war and also on the O.R. tables…after considering everything, I’m glad he’s going at this with more caution than may have initially wished.
That said, if it turns out otherwise and there’s no good reason to do it his way, based on me as an individual, then l will have been looking at other options just in case.
That’s all I got guys

Take care

Essentially, you’ve taken your car to a brake shop when you actually need the transmission rebuilt. Sure, they can flush the transmission, but that’s about it.

Your doctor is going with the information he has been taught, which includes dosing recommendations of 200mg (at least you’re getting more) every two to four weeks. Keep in mind that there are many more guys going through their PCP for their testosterone than using TRT clinics. While we might think they are not doing well with the protocols, the fact is they think they are. They don’t know what they don’t know.

You have pretty low testostosterone levels towards the end of your month. That would make anyone angry.

A question about primebody…

So let’s say I pay and allow them to do blood work. Then what? They send a script to my pharmacy? I purchase T directly from them? Is insurance anywhere in the equation?

Also, in re: to nearly everything I’ve read thus far in reply to my OP, are your answers based on experience only (which I value), or do any of you have a degree backing up what you say? Are you competitive power lifters or bodybuilders?
I just wish to know from whence you speak is all. Thanks

These privately operated TRT clinics are necessary to sidestep all the insurance BS and so a lot of these clinics don’t take insurance.

Once an insurance company gets involved, treatment tends to be more limited.

Once you review your labs with whatever clinic you choose, treatment is discussed and prescription orders are sent to a compounding pharmacy.

Then your medicines are shipped to your doorstep.

That’s a question for primebody. All these clinics are different. Most will send you compounded test from a pharmacy they work with. Some will send an Rx to your preferred pharmacy.