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Started TRT, Getting Angry Over Little Things

Am getting 2ml per month for TRT…
Should I maybe get some Rez-V or something with that?
Also, it’s affecting my mood. I’m getting explosively angry over little things at times. I never believed in “roud rage,” but now I must question ots possibility…

All input welcome!

That’s not a dosage, but volume. The dosage is determined by ml and strength. If you levels are sufficient, testosterone will amplify your personality, so if you are normally an a-hole, then more testosterone will make you more of an a-hole.

If you didn’t used to be like this mood wise, it might mean your hormones are in excess. Things like lack of sleep can have a huge impact on your mood. More info is needed.

It will be difficult to help you without labs.

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Whats your dosage frequency and what ester are you taking?

I found when I switched to Sustanon as the availability of Test E from pharmacies was impossible in the UK (and cost). On a weekly dose I got a right temper about 24 hours after my shot. It was definitely the prop ester all dumping so much at once. Didn’t experience it on weekly enanthate (doesnt)'t have the shorter ester component).

I’ve split my jabs up so I do more frequent smaller shots and don’t get such a huge spike after the jab now and its much better.

For what its worth I didnt have a temper before so it definitely affected my personality- or maybe I was very good at keeping volatile reactions in check. Either way I’ve experienced it and imho its a sign your dose is either too infrequent or you’re on too much.

Whats the frequency of injection and what are you injecting?

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How long have you been on trt?

Personally, I’m very sensitive to hormone changes. Whenever I change my protocol, even a little, my body needs at least 8 weeks to adjust.

At once? Don’t need dose to know that’s a shit protocol.

What’s that?

Weekly injections (at least), 6-8 weeks, lab work

In process of getting labs soon, will provide more detailed info on dosage and levels when I do. Thank you all.

So give us some a better picture of what your protocol is.

K, have appointment w/bloods this week.
Wat I def found out is current dose = 200mg/ml, 2 ml per month = 400 mg monthly IM test cypionate.
That’s all I got til after this week’s appointment…

Aside from that, I’m doing a system pretty close to the one CT published as a full body plus 1 type plan, one I’ve constructed from former results years ago. Eons ago.
Only actual supplement (IMO) I’m using is Biotest Labs’ protein at 2 scoops per day, 1 morning + 1 evening…
In process of lining nutrition back out…had a grocery hiccup + ran out of veggies last week - more on Wednesday.

If I consume too many empty calories, it’d be from mixed drinks or sometimes 2% milk in coffee. Honestly do not eat very much aside from 1-2 very small meals during hours of 8a-5p.

K, that’s wat I got presently…thx again fellas.

Again, thanks for input ya all.

What’s your injection frequency? Once/twice per week? Once per month?

Once per month. And, this is a “starting dose.” My levels on first bloods here were well below “normal,” so we will see where it goes after bloods this month, the 4th month of injections. I’m positive the levels are higher than they were at first, but no idea how close to the standard ranges listed on tests, whether low normal, mid etc. Am quite confident they’re probably low to mid normal based on my body responses. I desire the doctor to take them to a high normal level, but no more. No desire to powerlift or bodybuild, just a middle aged disabled veteran trying to stay reasonably strong and mobile. Def need to drop some bodyfat too, that will come. I was on the TRT 2 months before getting back to working out after a loooooong hiatus due to surgeries and complications. That said, my wife and I counted how many times I’ve been under general anesthesia in my life…20 times if we didn’t miss any. So this 51 yo body has been through hell from being a soldier, then working heavy jobs, then becoming unable to work gainful employment at age 31 and going on total disability (VA/SSA). Thank God the USAF retired me vs a medical discharge, else I’d have gone through twice as much hell getting medical care via VA than I did with civilian docs.
Probably irrelevant and TMI, but I like to make it clear that I’m just trying to be strong and healthy, not add enormous muscle whether lean or not. At my age, a full body workout 3 times a week to include 1mi. of any rat wheel they got is perfectly acceptable to me. If perhaps it takes me back to more of a “V” shaped physique, that’s a bonus I’ll gladly take. For now, I’m a dude familiar with exercise/nutrition to reach goals, and know my personal ones. The biggest goal right now is bodyfat reduction, as I stand 6’2" at 270lbs. Would like to get that weight to about 215 or less over the next 12 months. Since I once weighed 387 (lardass fatboy) and without assistance from a doctor lost 165lbs down to 232, I’m confident I know WTF I’m doing in that arena…I shoulda maintained the 232 instead of adding back 38 of those pounds. However, as stated, I had some major obstacles, and I sure ain’t given up, nor will I.

Dang, guess I felt talkative this morning…

Ya all take care,

1 400mg shot per month?

I can imagine this protocol of 400mg of test C injected once per month is taking your hormones for a wild ride.

Most people take test C twice per week to reach steady levels. What you have with your current protocol is a large spike followed by weeks of down time and feeling like shit. I would urgently ask my doc to revise this protocol if I were in your shoes.

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1 shot a month? Madness

Ya know, when he started this before the first blood results, I asked about this dose/frequency thing. I will ask if instead we could doua weekly injections to maintain the levels.
Makes complete sense I’m getting a spike then a huge drop that makes me feel just FUBAR at times.
Thanks to you all for the input.
And actually, it’s 2, 200ml IM at same visit, once monthly. Something about the pharmacy getting a 400ml vial was an issue either with supplier, or much less likely, my insurance. I’m a retired soldier + my insurance covers tons of stuff most do not…I frickin put my work in to get that coverage…
Later Fellas, thanks again!

Monthly dosing is absurd! The half-life of cypionate is 8 days and you are injecting every 30 days. If I went 4 weeks without an injection, in a couple of days the cypionate would completely clear out of my system and my natural production would fire back up which I did when I came off TRT two years ago.

This has VA written all over it. As far as dosing and especially frequency, everyone’s needs will be different.

You are basically starting out with very high testosterone and ending up with low testosterone for half of the month, this should be criminal and should be considered torture.

This is considered treatment failure.

That will be better than once a month. Most guys do just fine injecting once weekly. My concern is that 100mg will not be enough. However, four 100mg weekly injections should have you better off than one 400mg monthly injection.

No sir, not the VA…a civilian doctor. I do not use VA medical benefits…can’t stand the places…
BTW, their mental health care sucked waayyyyy back when I did go to them before knowing better. At the time using them made sense cause I had to go through their disability rating evals and was there anyway…at times I had some very unwanted thoughts of self-harm, and all they did was keep giving me trigger locks insisting I install them. I’ve not dealt with such thoughts for at least 25 years now, but thing that I’ve concluded about the VA doing that was, they were taking a soldier with PTSD + depression/anxiety, handing me a lock and telling me to go home, pick up guns, and lock 'em, as if I were dumb enough to lose a key or not use one had I actually wished to. Dumb dumb dumb. It is no wonder for while we did have 27 vets a day, nearly 30 years after my war, committing suicide. But I digress…

It seems thus far my best option with TRT using my civilian urologist is to try to get the doses weekly, and turned up. I believe he will be open to those ideas but can’t know for sure until I share this logic ya all have provided, and ask. I will do that I think it is this Thursday…:slight_smile: Thanks again ya all!

Ok, here are the results from FIRST test on 3/5:

• Total = 157ng/dL
• Free=30pg/ml
• SHBG=32.3 nMol/L

All T levels def low to begin.

Dr said switching to bi-monthly injections is fine, and since I had one today, he’s looking to tge results of more bloods in w weeks.
It seems he shares the logic I got here & I’m glad that’s the case…discussed target levels, was told HE is shooting for middle ranges, I was clear I want a constant level…we’ll see wat happens after next bloods :slight_smile:

Thx again ya all. It was this forum that made me realize the wisdom of more frequent injections.!

Take care ya all

I’m sorry but this isn’t much better than the protocol you were on, the second week you will likely feel as you do on weeks 3-4 on the monthly regimen. You shouldn’t accept this level of care, you deserve better!

These doctors don’t really have a clue what they’re doing, which is why they are following outdated guidelines. You should find a competent doctor asap, telemedicine may be an option for you.

absolutely not fine. Im sure he’s a decent guy but on TRT he is clueless.

See someone else.
-Perfect world be prepared to spend a little bit of coin and go to something like Primebody. They do Vets discounts also