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Started TRT Gel 2 Weeks Ago, Thoughts on Labs?

Started 50mg of gel two weeks ago. Will be switching to injecting at home in a couple more weeks.

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Lower SHBG men do better on EOD or daily injections, frequent injections can lower CBC labs across the board and maintain steadier more consistent levels. Your Total T is only 71 ng/dL and estrogen is already 25 pg/mL, you will have problems controlling estrogen if you do infrequent injections.

It would be nice if your labs had reference ranges.


It would seem you are either severely underdosed or a bad absorber of the gel. What does your doc have to say about these numbers? What was your total T before you started? How are you feeling?

I think whoever designed that interface for the labs needs to be shot for their font choice. Other than that you already have responses with experience behind them so I have nothing to add.

These are my labs before starting. I will be getting more labs in 8 weeks after I start the injections. I am just seeing a Dr at a local urgent care. I had been seeing him for bloodpressure prior to finding out I had low t. I have also been on split dose methadone for almost a decade. 145mg total. I believe I was probably kind of low prior to that because my facial hair never really came in

I am a union pipefitter so I’m on my feet all day and I have always felt off since I was a child I though it was fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. My sugar cravings disappeared on like day 2 of the gel and I started feeling foggy and almost worse than before. I think it could be my body adjusting from a ton of sugar to a small amount in the evening.