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Started TRT, Blood Sugar Questions

Hey Guys…

I need some help here. I am 54 and recently found that I need HRT. My “T” dropped to 179. My doctor has told me I am type 2 diabetic and am taking Insulin injections and can’t regulate the blood sugar. It made me start looking. Ive done the Androgel 1.62% and now taking shots. my recent levels are Total T= 1394 and my Free T is 496…both of which are off the chart.

I had my estrodiol checked and it is 64-70 (on 2 different tests) I am wondering if the Low T and high E2 was really the culprit for blood sugar messes. I am going to have my SHBG checked and wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to lower the E2 and hopefully my body will respond and make its own T again. Any help is appreciated. I also have some weird unknown inflammation going on… Thanks David

Post your labs with ranges. Don’t have the results? Get on the phone!

This is your status: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycated_hemoglobin

Read the advice for new guys sticky. Need lots of data about you.

Post your waking and mid afternoon oral body temps

Describe history of use of iodized salt and vitamins that list iodine.

Need TSH, fT3, fT4

Transdermal T may be wrong for you, could be why E2 is so high.

With transdermal T you get spikes of FT and the lab number is greatly determined by when you do the lab work.

Thanks for the reply. I understand my a1C levels. I’ve been dealing with that since 2009. I’m taking insulin shots. My concern is that after all the research, I am wondering If the real culprit is tied to my Low T? It seems that the low t and increase in E2 and my SHBG may be messing with my blood sugars. I am relatively healthy and have never had any real health issues. My blood sugars have swung from 38 upto 300 with my insulin shots and change in diet.

I don’t understand all the medical info you need and will try to post it. I’ve been struggling with several Doctors to test my E2 levels and T levels. They just want to say its my diet and I’ve changed that and they saw that with a 72 monitoring device that recorded blood sugar every 5 minutes. I’m just at a cross-road as to what to do next. When this crap hits me…I am awash in severe fatigue.

Any ideas?

We are looking for things that doctors typically overlook.

“I am wondering If the real culprit is tied to my Low T”:
Low T, increased E2, increase cholesterol, endothelial cell dysfunction, abdominal fat, insulin resistance, diabetes is a well worn path. The first part of this path is called “syndrome-X” aka “metabolic disorder”. Have you searched those terms?

Can’t take time to explain why we ask what we ask. The stickies will help you understand part of that.