Started TRT and TSH Dropped

I am a 71-year-old male had zero interest in sex and zero erections for more than a year so started TRT on 31st January 2023 with 75mg x 2 weekly Enanthate IM (self medicating)

Woosh… I wanted sex every day (well almost)

My bloods from Optimale came back on 15th March


so I reduced to 45mg x 2 weekly

and on 26th April received these results

My doctor has referred me to an endo for low TSH and said if she had me on TRT she would reduce my Enanthate even more but I feel great.

Would appreciate opinions on what to do next

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You’re essentially putting a big powerful Ferrari engine-> very high testosterone into an a car with high mileage, so by jacking your testosterone and other hormones through the roof, and the weaker links are sure to present themselves, maybe not right away, but down the road.

My TSH pre-TRT was 0.89 and now on TRT sits at 0.45. This is the pituitary slamming on the brakes in order to regulate the thyroid hormones.

If your endocrinologist is a good doctor, she/he will recommend reducing your testosterone and entering the realm of a replacement, TRT dosage and retest your thyroid parameters again once your testosterone levels are in or closer to the normal range.

There’s no reason to think you won’t feel great with testosterone closer to the normal range. I peak around 800-900, I’m 51, look 35 and I feel like a 20 year old!

Isn’t 90mg Enanthate per week in the realm of TRT?

Thanks for your reply.

You can’t seriously argue, the fact that just because your dosage is a typically replacement, maybe even below average is considered TRT with Total T and Free T way above the normal ranges.

This is performance enhancement therapy and long term this may or may not cause problems.

You’re rolling the dice.

I don’t have a free test result for 90mg per week. It helps to read a post before replying to it. :wink:

Yes you do, it’s right there in your lab report.

With all due respect, this isn’t my first rodeo. Your Total T is 1437 ng/dL, and SHBG 36. When you calculate the Total T and SHBG, you get a Free T of 52.31 ng/dL which is well above the normal.

Your calculate results show the same thing, well above normal.

So if you test your Free T using the equilibrium dialysis method, your Free T will mirror the calculated result.

Nor do I have an Shgb result for the 90mg period… You are reading from the 150mg per week period and not 90mg per week which is what I am asking advice about. Not sure you are helping me at all

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Yes, I understand, your Total T on 45 mg twice weekly is 987 and I don’t expect your SHBG to drastically change, therefore your Free T is expected to be above normal. Older men pushing near 1000 Total T as @readalot mentioned, pushing these high numbers can be problematic.

Are you a politician😅

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So what does would you suggest for us old dudes, brother?

Give me a moment while I take a sample.
From my old liver and lymphatic system

OK just to keep things simple, on topic and focused
Suggestions so far:

90mg Ethanate per week and blood plasma levels of 987 are not TRT but performance enhancement.

So I have reduced to 30mg Enanthate twice per week.

I will post how I feel in a few weeks