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Started TRT. Add HCG Now or After Bloodwork in 5 Weeks?

Hi, Im 34 and just started TRT at 150mg/week e4d. I want to run blood tests after 4-6 weeks to see how im reacting to it. I want ot stay fertile(not now, in 2-3 years), can i start HCG in 4-6 weeks 250UI eod? or its better to do it now? Or is it possible to just start it when i will want to have kids? If i start it in 4 weeks should i use 250UI at start? Or larger dose in first week?
How long i can run testosterone alone before adding HCG and be 95% sure i will regain fertility?

Im injecting e4d using insulin syringe and noticed that about 0,1 ml of juice stays in needle and is wasted, any solution?

Was considering running mono HCG but decided to go for T, was it good choice?

my blood test results are: total testosterone: Currently: 3,2 ng/ml norms 1,65-7,53
one year ago, same lab : 2,8 norms 2,8-8,0
6 years ago, at age 28: 4,0 norms 2,2 – 9,8

rest results one year ago:
FSH – 2,31 - (1,5-12,4)
PRL – 11,7 – (4,0-15,2)
LH – 3,65 – (1,7-8,6)
TSH – 1,65 – (0,270-4,2)
FT3 – 3,2 – (2,0-4,4)
FT4 – 1,27 – (0,93-1,70) Estradiol- 22,5 – (7,63-42,6)
DHEA-S 229,4 – (160-449)
Thanks for answers


250IU 3x/week will maintain fertility.

I’m not sure that (the 95% certainty) has been studied, but it has happened after years.

That happens with insulin syringes. You’ll lose less with a 3cc syringe.

Probably, hCG is typically not the best long term solution for low T, but some choose that route.

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I use 30g .5" .5ml insulin syringe and all that is left behind is whats in the .5" needle probably .001ml. I switched to these because the luerloc syringes were leaving the needle.full plus a good amount of dead space before the needle.

What about injecting T SC/subQ, i have read conflicting opinions, most people say its making more T convert to E, but forum OG KSman said it does not.
Was there any instances where someone goes off TRT after few years and goes back to just slightly lowet T than before starting?

That would be easy enough to verify with follow-up labs.


An OG KSman would be correct. It’s actually slower.
The T has to leave the oil be cleved in the blood then sent to the fat in your blood. T in muscle gets in the blood much faster. Since there is more vessels in muscle than fat.

You can also add HCG and FSH injections to your TRT protocol when trying for kids, how long this takes varies from person to person.

It take 6 weeks for levels to stabilize when injecting the same amount of Test, there’s no stability when injection different doses every week. Testosterone Cyp (half life 7 days) -steady state in 40 days.

SHBG is a good biomarker for designing a protocol, lower SHBG men tend to do better on multiple doses per week.