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Started TRT About a Month Ago


Hello my name is Pete 41 yrs young and I am fairly NEW to the site! I have been reading through the the forum for some insight. I just got my labs back last week and this is what i got going on!

Total T 265
Free T 66.87
TSH,thyrotropin 1,87
Free T4 0.97
Estradiol 23.3
Cortisol 11.20
Vit.B12 287
Free T3 3.2

Doc put me on 200mg Cyp a week
1cc of HCG 2 day prior to Cyp Shot
Anastrozole 0.5 3 times a week
1ml of MIC/B12 2 a week.
Cyp 200 was started month prior to everything else.

Morning wood was awesome and middle of the day wood was krazy. Had my 1st Hcg shot this week and also first Anastrozole pill to. Noticed that Morning wood is not so crazy like the weeks of Cyp alone. Can i get some insight. Nipps in the begining where a little itchy but nothing major! Maybe cause Test was low for yrs and finally decided to do something about it. For yrs i had been feeling well just not right! But i want to get the best out of my TRT. So can anyone help with some insight Plz and Merry Christmas! Thank you in advance.


1) Split your T cyp into two or three injections a week. 200mg a week is a lot. Adex has a hard time overcoming E2 at that dose of T.

2) You're doing way to much HCG. 250iu twice a week is plenty. Your making E2 even worse with that much HCG.

3) You'll probably need 2mg a week of Adex. If it doesn't keep E2 under control at that dose you'd probably have to lower your T dose or switch to low dose Letro. Again 200mg is quite a bit T. I don't think there is any harm to it other than it makes it tough to control E2 and your RBC might go up to high.

Most doctors are clueless but yours seems to have half a clue anyway.


Thanks a lot 13 ! I'm just trying to get a good handle of TRT since my doc is so liberal in his doses. Just wanna start feeling youthful and energetic again.


13 Merry Christmas brutha ! Let me ask you about pinning. Should i go IM or SC? I have heard people are getting results with SC. Where would I pin it if I'm going the SC route?