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Started TRT a Month Ago, Low Sex Drive

Hi guys I’m 39 years old and scared I am a rookie on this please every advice will be appreciate , i started a test cipio cicle about a month ago prescribed by my doctor I called him all ready twice asking him what to do and he just said wait , the problem is my libido my sex drive is killed as soon as a penetrate my wife it goes flaccid I’m very worry about this . I’m taking 0.5 ml weekly and he prescribed me hcg the placenta hormone for the side affect and a friend of mine told me about arimidex can help me . Is he alright ? If I use arimidex everything will come back to normal how many ml a day do I have to take do i have to every day during the cicle or every other day? otherwise my strength is extremely good working out like never before loosing weigh as I spect and very nice focus but I need to resolve this situation as soon as possible please help .

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