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Started TRT 6 Months Ago. Lot of Side Effects


@enackers - I was on 20% cream at first prescribed by Dr. Crisler (he passed away) but I finished in the first month and then I was outside the US so couldn’t get cream again. Problem with creams were:

  1. I sometimes have eczema so I am not sure where to apply. The cream I was on was to be applied on neck/shoulder. I’m quite hairy on shoulder too. He told me not to apply on the balls as such. Especially, if I’m looking forward to impromptu bj lol.

  2. Plus, I have to inject HCG anyway to prevent atrophy. So, if I was gonna take HCG injection, I figured I can just take T injection at the same time.

  3. Finally, but maybe most importantly, it is almost impossible to get 20% compounded cream when I’m traveling and I’m traveling for several months at a time. Whereas it is much easier to buy Testosterone oil - Cypionate/Enthante/Sustanon and HCG, even without prescription in many countries.

I’ve heard creams are not as good because eventually your body doesn’t accept transdermal T anymore. Something about skin not absorbing it anymore. How long have you been on cream?

As far as steady-state is concerned, I think whether you use cream or injection, you still gotta wait few weeks for steady state blood work. If not, then heck yeah, I’d much rather be on cream + occasional HCG injection + AI. Or maybe cream + very low dose clomid/nolvadex pill + AI (no injections whatsoever)

I’ll explore these options with Defy Medical when I talk to them.


Your confusing cream with gels. Apples to oranges. I agree that Gels suck I used them back in the day and blah… 10 or 15% absorption…

Cream is applied to the scrotum and has a much higher absorption rate like 85/90%.

Keep an open mind and Check this out : https://www.excelmale.com/community/threads/case-study-absorption-of-testosterone-cream-via-scrotal-delivery.16797/


@enackers Oh, no, I’m not confusing it. Dr. Crisler (of AllThingsMale) prescribed me TRT Cream compounded at 20% strength. So, 200mg per ML of cream. It was compounded by Empower Phramacy. And he said not to apply it on scrotum. Just shoulder, upper back. He asked me to apply 3 clicks - so that’d be 0.75ml or 150mg. Of which he said between 10-15mg will end up being absorbed.


For about 80% of guys creams compounded at 20% strength quit working within a year. For some reason the body just stops adsorbing it.


I see. What strength works for a longer duration? 10%?


Again it’s not a gel. I don’t think you saw my reply to the other comments (other post) you made when you confused it with a traditional gel my friend. Check out the study and you can see the difference.

We’re applying cream to the scrotum. It’s not 20.%. It’s 200mg/gM or .5mg per click.


I have no idea. Defy had me on 20% cream for about 6 months and I got a 3 month blood test and my TT had dropped 50%. They put me on injections and all has been well. I’m no cream expert I just know lots of guys report it quits working and no one seems to know why.


Yes read the article and compare to gel studies . Night and day difference. Guys keep confusing it with gels haha…


Please Read the study.

I’m making a mistake my bad guys. Gels and creams applied to the body don’t work well. When scrotum cream is applied to the scrotum . I’ll stop calling it cream. I see why it confused y’all. Sorry.


@enackers - No, I definitely got the cream. It was just compounded at 20% strength. For whatveer reason, Dr. Crisler did not want me to apply it to scrotum. Maybe because I have hairloss and applying on scrotum might raise DHT too high. I don’t really remember as this conversation with him was over 6 months ago.

If I apply to scrotum, can I wash it off in couple of hours? Perhaps with a wet wipe?

Anyway, how long have you been on the cream? I’ve read a lot that it stops working after some duration. Eg: @hrdlvn said in his post too.


Yes you can about 3 hours after. I did 2.5 and no problems. My doc did mention hair loss but then looked at me and said “you won’t have that problem”. I bet he would of said otherwise if I looked like I was balding or had thin hair. On the other hand if its going , then it’s going :slight_smile: unless you can stop and somehow regrow.

Yah those gels and creams applied to the arms and back never worked well.

Scrotum cream does not have this issue. Plenty of folks been on it for more than a year including my doc and guys over at excel male. I’m sure I would of found something when I researched. Unfortunately there aren’t many sites with info except for the one study and what users /doc Nichols are experiencing.


Interesting. Thanks so much @enackers - I’ll discuss this seriously with Defy Medical when I speak to them. Do you apply the cream at night or day? If I apply it after shower in the morning, I’m gonna be wearing underwear on top of it within a minute or two. So, wouldnt most of the cream just stick to the underwear?


Nobody goes to or takes anything on EM seriously. Its a cabal of about 4 -5 guys with their noses stuck in the air thinking they are Who saids of the Greatest Magnitude. So no I won’t go over to EM and read their study.

An we are not confused between creams and gels. I’ve been down this road you just started.


hey @hrdlvn thats exactly the cream I had from empower. Mine said apply 3 clicks.

@enackers If I apply it after shower in the morning, I’m gonna be wearing underwear on top of it within a minute or two. So, wouldnt most of the cream just stick to the underwear?


enackers applies his to his balls. This quadruples your DHT can be good for libido can be bad for hair loss.
The best time to apply creams is bedtime post sex. Inside of legs or ribcage.
In 4 hours you have adsorbed all you are going to. Wash it off leave it on makes no difference.
You can increase adsorbtion if you use a skin cream after 2 hours of application. The area also should be hairless.


Nah it’s fine just massage it into the skin for 20 seconds and that’s how I do it as well.


I agree can’t stand it. I don’t go to Em but there the only place with a study .

Ok it’s where you apply it. One cannot attribute the same negative or positives with this method when you apply to the boys. That’s all. No need to go down any road. I was just trying to clarify we were talking about different methods and trying to decipher between cream or gel was not accurate. It’s ehere you apply it that makes the difference.


I hope you’re using 29 gauge insulin syringes, it makes for painless injections.


yep, 29g for Testosterone. 31g for HCG.


@hrdlvn can I ask, how big are those Anastrazole .125mg pills? Are they big enough that you could easily cut them in half with a pill cutter or knife or blade, if you wanted to? I have 1mg and cutting them into 2 (.5mg pieces) is not a problem but cutting them down further is really not precise.

I’m not using them yet but just wondering how big are the .125mg pills.

also, you said no AI with the cream for you, your e2 has been in optimal range for you?