Started TRT 1 Month Ago, Labs Attached, Brain MRI Tomorrow

So the doc prescribed me the following protocol a month ago
the only reason i went is because of high prolactin levels and just feeling lazy and tired all the time

35 yrs old, 5’6 ,150lb, work out 4-5x a week would like to maximize and see some growth from TRT

Brain MRI to look for pitituary tumor (doing tomorrow)

100MG Test C twice a week, Tues, Fri.
anastrozole 0.5 same time as injections
1 drop iodine solution on wrists same time as injections
1 mg methyl folate, 25mg dhea per day

Here are results from my last 2 labs before i started this

tsh 1.9
t4 6.2
t3 25
LH 5.9
FSH 2.2
testosterone total 709
free test 18.6
prolactin 41
estradiol 32.8
shbg 34.3

tsh 1.84
t4 6.1
t3 3.0
estradiol 31.0
fsh 2.3
lh 3.5
shbg 39
testosterone total 625
free test 12.41
prolactin 27

then a separate test just for prolactin on 2/17/2019
prolactin 12.4 (normal finally)

my question is, anything else i should be doing here? Obviously ill find out more with this brain MRI tomorrow about the prolactin, but do FSH and LH seem low? I know my semen volume is down definitely…
Ive been doing the test 200mg a week for a month and i do notice more energy and feeling better but id like to make sure i keep everything where it needs to be. I havent got a new hormone panel since starting his protocol because he wants the MRI results first

Any input? Thank you!

Those are PRE TRT labs?

Yeah he said it was up to me whether i wanted to do the test before the MRI etc but he said i should because ill probably feel better in the 900 range then in the 500-700 range

Past bloods in the past couple years before the ones i posted from this year had results of 480-580 with low free test (6-10 free test)

So, what is your T level ON 200 mg of Cyp?

no clue yet, havent done bloods since i started, i expect hell want bloods right after MRI result

You when on TRT with these numbers. You and your doctor are idiots.
Stop the TRT before you damage yourself and ask for a scrip of Cabergoline for the prolactin.

Sorry I know this is your first post and I don’t mean to come across so rough but you’ve got a bad doc.

i mean 709 test was oddly high, like i said past couple years its been 480-625, i TOTALLY get what youre saying, he didnt force it on me, he gave me the option…whos to say i wont feel better at 900+? i mean honestly those numbers i posted pre TRT i still felt like shit everyday

If I had your T numbers I sure wouldn’t have been looking there for your problem.
The high prolactin is not normal that is a clue. What about your thyroid? I’m not a thyroid expert but your numbers look weird and a full panel is not listed.
What about diet sleep, stress? Are you taking SSRI’s or other drugs? What are there side effects?
IMO low T is not your problem. If you want to mess around with T go to the pharma and learn about cycling. TRT sucks compared to natural production. Don’t go down that rabbit hole until you absolutely have to.

@hrdlvn is right on. I asked because you have better numbers pre-TRT than a lot of guys have on TRT. I am baffled that the doc even offered it. I think you are chasing the wrong thing, it is not likely your T.

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Maybe the doc thinks ill feel better at 900+ then 600ish? I have no idea, i mean i can always stop its only been a month. Interested to see this MRI result first for the prolactin, maybe the cause is there. Thats why i posted the numbers here. Diet is decent but he wants be to tweak what carbs i eat and to get in way more greens. Stress has been high but sleep has been 7-8 hours a night. He did say Thyroid was ok but not optimal thats why he has be doing the iodine 2x a week
Who knows