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Started Triptorelin

Hey all, just joining in here. This is certainly the best thread for this so I’ll add in my protocol. I’ve been on scrotal delivery of Test Versacream for the last 6 months(TRT about 3 years now w/ cypionate, many cycles under my belt prior to that) or so, so I shouldn’t worry too much about clearance in this case. I went ahead and did some digging to be sure and found that transdermal delivery may cause some “storage” to build up, the theory being that the skin may be holding onto some of the hormone. Decided to wait 48 hours after my last application to start triptorelin. I’ve also preloaded with 20mg tamox for the last 2 days as well. Now that I feel like hammered buttholes, I can continue.

So I decided to go with pepsciences (not sure if I can name the source fully so I won’t but you guys know who they are) and I trust them, however the dosage is at 2mg. I want 100mcg. Did some calculations and I would need to dilute 2mg/ml into 20ml bac water to get 100mcg/ml. Used the endmemo dilution calculator. Sounds about right. I have 30ml of bac water so I’ll empty out 10ml, then put the 1ml I took out to reconstitute and put it back in, making 2mg/20ml, therefore making 100mcg/1ml. That was fun.

So here I am, about to take the trip! Wish me luck. My primary goal is to become fertile, get my lady preggers, then just roll back onto trt because… I’m 40 and I like having the body of a 20 year old without having to do all that much.