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Started Training/TRT and I'm Gaining Weight


I am a 50 year old male who started TRT 6 1/2 weeks ago … my initial T levels were 160 ng/dl. I was a walking zombie.

I want to start by saying, I feel better today, than I have felt anytime that I can remember. And my God, I have more energy that I now consume at the gym 5-6 days a week, than I can ever remember. I used to wonder how guys over 40 had the energy to get it done at the gym … now I know. And many other good things have happened to me … including stopped taking Zoloft, stopped drinking alcohol, and I can’t keep my hands off of my wife.

Now … Let me get to the point.

12/16/2016 Started TRT
12/25/2016 Stopped Drinking Alcohol
12/26/2016 Started eating a much better diet of about 1500-1800 calories/day
12/26/2016 Stared weight training (typically 45m-1h weights) & 30m Cardio
12/26/2016 Personal Weight 237.00 LBS
01/26/2017 Personal Weight 246.30 LBS <-WTF

I have read about “Glycogen Storage” causing me to gain water weight and I have read about rising estrogen (from the T injections) causing me to gain water weight.

My diet is clean … protein, veggies, nuts & cheese. I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and only water after that.

So let’s do the math … I consume about 1.5 to 1.8k calories per day, and I burn 2.8 to 3.2k calories per day, yet I have gained almost 10 lbs since I started.

So here’s the question … WTF is going on, and when should I expect the weight to reverse and start coming off???

One more point, I do feel leaner in my clothes.


Either you’re leaner or you’re not.

What is your estradiol value? Under 50 is fine for most men. How much T do you use? And what’s your last T value?


Start measuring your waist, arms, thighs and neck at least. Do so every friday morning with no food or water in your gut. If these numbers are shrinking AND you’re gaining weight it’s a classic case of noob gains. If you’re crushing it in the gym for the first time in years it’s not unthinkable your body gained 9lbs of glycogen in 6 weeks. You basically just went through puberty again by starting TRT. For perspective 9/237 is only a 3.7% gain.


I inject 1 ML every Friday. I am going in tomorrow for my first blood test since starting TRT. I am going to ask him to check e2.


How many mg of T in each ml. If it’s 200 mg per week, you’re likely taking too much medicine.


I started at 100 mg per week. He is going to reevaluate after he receives the results from my blood test.


Okay, here’s the schizzell - YOU’RE TAKING STEROIDS!

That means you are going to gain lean body mass, and that means you’re going to gain weight.

take this in the spirit intended - you gotta get edumacated.

You need to understand how much you are taking. That doesn’t mean how many ml’s, it means how many mg’s.

You need to understand estrogen and AI’s - anti estrogen’s, like Arimidex.

Glycogen storage is just an idea. You load carbs, you store glycogen. More likely, you’re holding water because your estrogen is higher than it should be. At 246, you’re probably fat, which typically means more estrogen, which equals more water.

I was on TRT for 2 1/2 years, quit eight weeks ago for various reasons, will probably go back in a few weeks. I have some experience.

Chillax. You continue to get benefits from TRT for twelve to twenty four months, and, you typically gain 8-12 pounds in the first twelve weeks - at least I did.


I think you might have this mistaken considering there is typically 200 mg of T in each ml. What brand of T?


Either you’re miscalculating your caloric intake, or you’re wrong about the calories you’re burning. The formulas available for calculating caloric expenditures are merely estimates. Variation is significant from person to person.

Aside from that, it would not surprise me if, as others have mentioned, you might have accidentally dosed your trt wrong. If you’re ACTUALLY running 200/week rather than the intended 100, there’s a very reasonable chance you’re retaining several extra lbs of water, and you may have added some lean body mass. Nothing wrong with that. Now, if you continue to gain weight on such a low calorie diet, I might be concerned. But for now, just continue to track weight and see what happens.


I am so new at this. I take 1 small vile of Cypionate every Friday.


Thanks for the input. I cannot imagine coming off of TRT any time soon. I am truly a different man. My kids love this new dad. I am going to talk to my Dr tomorrow when I draw blood. We are going to have a convo on estrogen.