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Started Training Again for Size

Hi I have recently started training again and wanting to put on some muscle size. I am 25, 5’10, 170lbs and average build but small frame (about 5 1/2" wrist), and having a hard time gaining weight.

I am a beginner to this and I have been training 10 weeks so far and all my weights are very gradully increasing by week. The problem I am having is that although I am very slightly stronger each time I train I appear to be actually loosing muscle size! I have also gained very minimal weight (1.8lbs).

After reading around i decided it may be that i was not eating enough, so i have upped my cals by 500 to 2200 (about week 4). This still didnt work after 2 weeks so put it up another 500 I thought to be safe. Currently I am on around 3200-3500 a day with 250-300g protien spread around 6 meals/shakes.

Although It hasnt appeared to show much difference in weight gain at all I wouldnt be too bothered if it was just slow - but progress, but after noticing some changes for the worse i checked my measurements and my chest size has gone down from 42" to 40.5" and my others are exactly the same.

My current workout is:

Mon & Fri
Bench Press 3 x 10 (70kg)
Incline Bench Press 3 x 10 (42kg)
Dip Machine 3 x 10 (70kg)
Bicep Curl Bar 3 x 8 (30kg)

Machine Side Shoulder Raise 3 x 10 (42kg)
Machine Shoulder Raise 3 x 10 (30kg)
Machine Backwards Shoulder Raise? 3 x 10 (40kg)

Machine Seated Row 3 x 10 (42kg)
Machine Rear Delt Row 3 x 10 (35kg)
Wide Grip Assisted Pullups 3 x 8 (BW - 35kg)

Thats about it… not probably the most complete but surely doing this consistently should lead to some gains in size or weight? Also why would my strength increase and size decrease, and in the workout im doing twice a week? Am I overtraining, undertraining? Any help will be greatly apperciated, cheers!

Any reason you don’t train your legs?

I snowboard at (some) weekends which I expected to help build legs. But to be honest mainly because I wanted to concentrate on trying build my upper body first.

Well, at least you’re not afraid to eat. Keep your current mindset when it comes to that.

You’re not working enough muscle. You’re basically only working from the sternum up (except for lats). Ya gotta work the legs.

It all grows at one time. The more muscle you work, the stronger the signal to grow.

The guy I buy my supps from is a nutritionist. He wants me to consume 4000+ calories a day. Approx 440g carbs, 350g protein, 80g fat. I am 46, 6’4, and 202 with 11% bf and I have a very physical job. Hope this helps.

Cool thanks. So if i put another day in and do some on my legs then it will encorage growth elsewhere?

Im not afraid to eat at all, fortunately (or now unfortunately as it may seem) I can pretty much eat loads of everything including fat and doesnt seem to make me any fatter.

I was pretty happy with my overall shape as in 32 waist and 42 chest and low ish(?) body fat which I guess was built from years of casual bodyweight exercises at home (push/pull ups) and lot of swimming, football etc. So I really dont mind adding serveral pounds of fat if it gets me better results. The main problem which I am concered with is the loosing muscle especially on my chest!

Basically ive always done pressups (sets of 30, 25, 15, 10), pull ups (sets of 20, 15, 10) at home a few times a week and appeared to be able to tone up (and even get bigger?). I moved to the gym in hoping to get more size and it appears to just be making me smaller? - Although my bench has increased by about 25 kg since I started! I cant understand it…

Could it be possible that my body just adapts better to the body weight exercises? Or am I missing something completely? Its making me wonder if I should stop doing the gym exercises and go back to what I used to do… But i know that wont get me the mass i want. Thanks for the help, any more suggestions?