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Started to Train at Home - Need Advice


I decided to finally start training at home. I realized I was not going to the gym that soon - too long of commute time. I started working so this is my reality :frowning:

Well so I bought dumbbell set. 2 that allow up to 10kg. I also just ordered extra discs so I can get them up to 15kg.

My goal is for general health and gain some strength, not per say go for really big strength, just get less wimpy. So I am doing endurance type training.
At the moment I’m using 2kg(4,4lbs) to 4kg (8,8lbs) with 10-15 reps, maybe I will increase it to 20 when I can.

I was wondering if anyone has any advices on this. Being either equipment wise or things that I might be doing wrong. I was hoping that the 15kg max weight would last me quite a while (lol, hope to stay week for longer). The bar itself says up to 15kg (not in the box) but maybe I can push it to 20kg? It’s a 30mm diameter bar I have some doubts in the spinlocks but the bar probably should hold 20kg…

The exercise I am doing is similar to this except I do for 10-15 reps and any push-ups with dumbell I just do normal push-ups. Also the " Renegade Row" I just do normal rows.

What does your actual training look like? Sets/reps/exercises/schedule.

Can you be more specific about your goals? Is there anything specific you want to be able to do?

You haven’t mentioned physique in any way, is this important to you?

My generic advice, without the answers to any of these questions is that a decent kettlebell or two and something heavy to do loaded carries with will be by far the biggest bang for your buck.

I can train after 19h. The time I have at home must be for many things. I have maybe 1h to train. During weekends I have all day to do watever (train, clean, watever).

My goals. Well I have noticed I get injured easily. Like nothing serious, just stuff like back pain from even my backpack with laptop. I also have many problems last time I moved out, I get muscle tired so easily. In general I want to increase my health on that aspect. I always been very weak for what I should actually be IMO.
I also don’t want to just get so tired in general so I might start going back to biking in some of the days.

Physique. I’m 24 years old, 76kg or 167lbs, 1.77m or 5.77 feet.
I barely have any discernable muscle if at all and started getting a belly (I was 60kg or 132lbs when I entered college, I always been about that weigth besides recently).
I want to be more lean than big muscled but wouldn’t opose it.

I do already have adjustable dumbbells, they were cheaper.

If those are genuinely your goals, I think some pretty basic stuff should get you there. Read some Dan John stuff, buy yourself a kettlebell or two and something heavy to carry/drag/both. Dan John will express it much better than me but:

  • Do the 5 basic movements (push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry) well and consistently.
  • Focus on quality of movement and appropriate loading.
  • Get out of breath sometimes.
  • Eat appropriately for your physique and health goals.

I hope you do well. Feel free to tag me (using the @ key and my username) or reply to me if you need me to clarify anything.

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Use ladders to get in a ton of volume with deep push ups/pullups/inverted rows…

Good ideas here also…

Given the light weights available and the limited muscle mass I’d suggest complexes.

They are not great forever but they work.