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Started Test E Cycle Today


Hey guys, started Test E cycle today, the plan is to run 500mg of test for 10 weeks. 250mg every Sunday/Wed Running exemestene at 6mg ED (doing this due to half life). Current stats
Age: 19
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 168lbs
Bf: roughly 19%

Yes I know many people do not agree with a cycle at my age, if you don’t that’s fine, I understand the permanent risks associated with test production etc. I am running a Nolva pct. My current diet is around 275g protein, 320g carbs, 100 fats. Anyways down to my question, ideal pct? Also, what should I expect with a single compound cycle? I am not front loading, just starting out at 500, but also considering bumping up my cycle to 700mg a week for 8 weeks? This way my test is not suppressed for as long which can reduce risks. Anyways, thoughts? And please don’t just freak out on me. I’m an adult, I make my choices for my body and I hope you vets can understand that and instead help me do this in the smartest/safest way possible because you’re just not going to talk me out of it. My purpose in life is to be a professional bodybuilder and I will do whatever that takes.

P.s. I started lifting a year and a half ago, I weighed 117lbs, 5’7". I’m now at 168lbs. So yes I have made good natural gains.


Curious cause you’re the exact same stats as me right now. What is your current training routine like and what are your best lifts?


My 1 rep maxes
Bench: 245
Squat: 335
DL: 350


Your mind is made up good luck, a lot of pros started younger than you.
19% bdfat at your height bodyweight , pick 12 basic exercises and get a strong as possible at them.
Make sure training, diet just as important as gear, di you have symmetry , most elites when you see pictures of them are skinny with great symmetry when they are your age.
Ar 500mg a week should put on 8 to 12 pounds in 12 weeks, keep half with pct.
Week three noticable increase in strength and clothes tighter.
And increase water intake at least 1 gallon pure h2o, go by color of piss , if dark drink more water , muscles need more water .
Dont get frustrated when some kid who lives on fast food is natural, dont know shit about training and wins contest . Them the brakes .


I wrote up my own macro plan and had a macro coach approve/tweak it. I’m pretty symetrical yes except for my quads due to an anterior pelvic tilt which is actively being corrected. I’m not worried about anyone else as the only person I should compare myself to is myself. I’m not super skinny I’m a little bit fluffy but my abs are coming through haha


bro… i had to re-write this shit like 3 times… first two times i wanted to scold you so hard… but now i am just going to be gentle.

skip the cycle and lose some fat you got a coach too and you 19%? common bruh wtf. I am not sure how long you have been working out but 168 lb 19% bf and 5’8 are not good starting stats AT ALL, gain a good 10lb more muscle and stay at 12 % bf before you start , when i started i was 185 lb 11% and im a bit taller than you and i still got some small gyno sides.


So I have to post, Couple of questions.
1 are you prepared to do this for the rest of the your life?
2 why are your carbs set so high?
3 what is your training style?
4 have you had your first injection?


People that do not know proper nutrition or have not tried to even get close to 10-12% bodyfat naturally will never be ready for steroids because learning proper diet and what it takes to get there is not only a good prerequisite for steroid use no matter the age but also a good starting point, there is no way you will finish a cycle like this with your current stats and feel good afterwards, man i have seen this 5-6 times already with noobies who just hop on this and do not even have good body foundations to have a good end result cycle, steroids should be used with much care and knowledge i even had a homie who was close to 11%?? and had mild post gyno lumps, so i am just going to save you money, time, and a lot of headaches.

If you do decide to go on with the cycle either way, and i am sure you will because kids your age are dumb asf, make sure you go low end of dosage and taper up you will no doubt have hiccups and you will waste your money and time at the end either way.


Never run test above 600mg a week
It’s not necessarily only lots of side effects
Btw I agree anyone before 25 shouldn’t use steroid
You can still be pro bodybuilder in smarter way
Because in the end,the key would be your gene not drugs