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Started Test/AI/Hcg. Have Some Sides and Questions


I was hoping he meant 1mg divided into .25mg doses, but 4mg a week is…


So new protocol is Test 100 per week…HCG 250 iu 2x per week. Anstrizole same for 2 weeks then reduce. Retest blood work in 6 to 8 weeks. I will keep posted here if I start feeling better.


I am pretty sure that is making me feel up and down with being sick. Here are all the sides according to rxlist and I made bold all the sides I have had constantly every week.

Suggestions on what I should attempt here? I totally stop taking it (but then afraid my estrogen will skyrocket even more as it was 34 a few weeks ago (this is week #2 on a lower test dose). Or should I literally only take 1 anstrozole a week for now and divide that into 2 doses the day after each injection? Or should I find a different estrogen blocker and if so any recommendations?