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Started Tate's Stronger Workout


Just started Dave Tates "Stronger" workout. 1 week down and diggin it so far. I would say its a little HIT or DC: alot of 1 set max or Rest pause/strip sets etc. Wondering if anyone else here is doing it. Results? Challenges? Modifications? etc....


Shouldn't this be in the strength forum? Where people want to get strong(er)


Does the workout require anything special besides the equipment at a typical gym?


because the bodybuilders in this section are trying to get weak(er) ?


its not a stength or PL program...its just called stronger. No special equipment required


What about people who want to get functional(er)?


Well bodybuilding doesn't generally involve many 1RM's. I didn't even think 1RM were that great for strength either since the volume is too low.


I have found that 1RMs can be extremely effective at building strength, although low volume work is not my favorite tool of choice there is nothing wrong with experimenting with low volume work as long as its not low on intensity. Remember low volume doesnt mean easy.


no 1RMs alot of 1 set to failure, Rest pause, strip sets, etc. Anyone else doing this here?


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I just started the program as well. The GPP phase is a lot harder than it looks and the muscle building phase that comes next looks pretty intense. Look forward to sticking with this program.