Started T3 for Low Thyroid, Where to Go From Here?

Hey Guys,
having subclinical hypothyroidism and been taking T4 only for over a year without symptom relief due to a conversion issue (low body temp mostly).

Started T3 on Thursday at 6,25mcg and reduced T4 from 150 to 125mcg. Took my 4th dose of T3 this morning. Until now, I didn’t feel anything really.

Latest thyroid labs on 150mcg T4 were:
Ft4: 21 (11-22)
Ft3: 3.9 (3.1-6.6)

Morning temp is around 36,4 degrees celsius which isn’t too bad IMO but towards afternoon/lunch I‘m getting cold without a reason and fall under 36 degrees. Also when drinking or eating cold stuff I‘m getting cold within a few minutes.

My question now is, how frequent should I increase the T3 according to symptom relief ? Since my morning temps aren’t too bad, should I only judge by afternoon temps ?


I’d get fT3 checked, monitor symptoms, and go from there. My guess is you will need to increase T3, but I would give it a month. It took my wife one dose adjustment (after a month) and about four months to get the full benefit.