Started Strongman Yesterday

Hi all. Found a local gym that has all the implements and joined yesterday. Guy I work with does a lot of competitions so I started training with him. Due to the 45 min drive 1 way it will be my weekend sessions.excited to start. I am entering in Alabama’s strongest man in August just for fun and a focused goal…

So we did yokes and I worked up to 470 and decided to call it a day with those after about 4-5 50 or so ft trips and went to the log and worked up to 150. The press came easy but need to work on my clean part. Next week is farmers and stones and I will probably do some light technique work with log clean after that. Woke up and my upper back(I think lower traps but am so rusty on a&p not exactly sure). Might be due to shrugs done yesterday as I got to the gym as they were finishing shoulders

Bahaha. Yeah…back gets used alot in strongman! Start up a training log man. I’d be interested in tracking your progress and helping you along.