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Started Stronglifts 5x5

This is my current OHP form at 57.5kgs in the third set , i think my form is wrong
If anybody can see and point out the mistakes or help me correct them , it ll be great
Thank you

Get rid of the weird head forward thing and I don’t see any real issues. Is it hurting?

You could probably move your hands a bit closer and start the bar lower but neither are mandatory.

I’d also recommend starting a training log on here. If you ask nicely I think @Chris_Colucci can move this thread straight to that section.

Idk why i made that head movement , and also its not hurting , bit heavy but otherwise no issues
@Chris_Colucci , can you please move this thread to the training log ?

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Then you really don’t need to worry.

While you’re doing SL I would recommend you have a read of this:

It would be an excellent next step when your progress on SL stalls.

Sure will give it a look , thank you

As the person who started this thread, I think you can do that yourself.

Click on the pencil icon next you the thread title in your very first post of this thread. You should see some options on which forum to put this thread

Next is my barbell row
This is the third set at 62.5kgs
Any corrections to make ? The tempo was a bit fast , i slowed it after i checked my video

Welcome to the log section, a great place to be a lot of friendly conversations and help going on here.

Your lifts looks fine, especially after you tweaked your squat.

One thing I’ve found helpful is doing tempo squats, you could do it for the first warmup set.
Do a 5 second descent then 5 second going up.
Film the set from the side.
The goal is to move the bar in a straight line right over mid toe when doing it slow you can see and feel when the bar is out of line.

Ditch the belt, ditch the towel or what it is you’ve got on the bar, you’ll have a much better feel of the bar without.

Check out the youtube channel of “squat university” there’s a ton of gems about how to squat.

Oh and have fun, I’ll follow along here.

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Sure i will film that 5 sec tempo set on my next workout.
I started using the belt because mehdi recommended it in the stronglifts guide and the rolled yoga mat because the rod was causing discomfort on the back , i tried doing it without the mat but my entire focus was on the bar than bracing and lifting , so have to try thay again

Had doubts about the barbell row if i was bending forward enough , but i think for now , i just have to film my deadlifts to make sure all my lifts are right

Thank you

For BB rows the bar should travel over midfoot and it does, that causes less stress on the lower back. So you’ll be fine.

For squats you can play around a bit with bar position, higher lower on the traps/back, move feet wider or narrower find that perfect spot where everything clicks.
There is not one squat fits all, we’re build differently and squats differently.

Lots of ways to do BB rows. There’s no right or wrong way per se. Just depends on what you want to get out of it.

I’d stop lifting in front of the mirror if I were you. Learn to be aware of form based on how your body feels when you lift, not based on how you see yourself in the mirror.

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Sure , my squats are going good and for now everything looks perfect

Lol my gym has a lot of mirrors , almost the entire place is covered with mirrors and it can get difficult to find a spot to workout without the mirrors , but i ll still try it

Just stop looking at them. See how your neck is hyperextended and not neutral because you’re looking at yourself? That’s one reason not to look, among others

Okay , will try not to look at them

And this is my corrected ohp

Any better ?

that dude at your last rep went passing too close, i hate that behavior


Lol yeah , he was quite close and the barbell could have hit him

Why do you stop the press at your nose?

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