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Started Stronglifts 5x5

I started stronglifts 5x5 a week back and this is my squat form on day 4 of the program , i just wanted you guys to check and tell me if my form is right or if i have to make anymore changes to the squat

I am unable to embed the video , anybody can help me how to put in the video in this post

Put it on YouTube/Instagram, paste a link to the video in here. It will embed it.

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This is the video
Just want someone to check it and let me know if my form is right or i need to make any changes

The weight is coming forward too much pushing you into your toes. Try be more deliberate in the descent and if you don’t have the ankle mobility to get deeper then sit back a bit more.

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Okay , i ll try to sit back more

Agree with Strongman, definitely have the weight shifting forward a little more. Try ti sit back more, queue that might help is try to squat through your heels (the aim is to have the weight centred over midfoot in reality but when you are pitching forward naturally, overcompensating to the heel will probably get you ending up in the right place. )

Pretty sure you are supposed to look at the floor, not straight ahead (fyi that’s a joke at rippelestiltskins expense, your head is fine)


Okay , i think , by my next workout , i can manage to set the mistakes rights

For what it’s worth, its a decent squat technique for a beginner and its great that you have one obvious and easy to correct issue rather than a whole load of problems going on which, when you try to correct them all separately, can feed off each other to just turn it into a shit show. You’re at a good starting point.


Thanks a lot , its very motivating

How much squatting have you done before? If the answer is not very much, I’d ditch the belt. I assume since you’re doing Stronglifts and posting in the beginners section, you’re a beginner. Focus on learning to brace without relying on the belt.

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To help me with squatting through my heels. I try to lift my toes a little. That helps emphasis a ‘back of foot’ stance for me.

I wish I could downvote this

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Downvote my post ?

Yes , i am a beginner and i started squatting with this program itself , i feel i am relying too much on the belt and i am scared to squat or deadlift without it

No, the one about lifting your toes up on the squat. Please don’t do this OP

Okay thanks , i dont think i ll do it

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Back off the weight if you need. Watch some videos on bracing and practice it (can be done even without lifting). I liked this video personally.

This is at 155lbs , for my third set , any improvement from my previous squatting form ?
One thing is i still dint get rid of the rolled mat on the bar

Thanks for seeing and helping

I think you need to go deeper